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Mother’s Day: family collaborations in architecture, furniture and design

See five cases where mothers, daughters, and sons came together in wonderful projects!

Deciding which profession to pursue can be difficult. However, inspiration is often closer than we imagine, in our homes. In the sector of architecture and designthe family business model is very widespread and it is not uncommon to see children following their parents’ professions or even working alongside them in their companies.

One example is Ornare, an international brand of high-end custom furniture. Founded by Murillo and Esther Schattan 37 years ago, the company today has the active participation of the second generation on the management board, Pitter Schattan and Stefan Schattan.

This professional dynamic, especially between mothers and children, also extends to the brand’s partners. Check out some stories.

Ceramist’s workshop

Flavia Burin and Bruna Moretti, mother and daughter, professionals in Architecture and Urban Planning, represent the essence of collaborative work and the power of connection between generations. Together they founded the HA study, an architecture and interiors firm with extensive experience in residential, commercial, corporate, interior and product design. With a joint vision, the architects presented at the Ceramist Ateliê, in the space of CASACOR São Paulo 2023, an environment of 55 m2, produced specifically for women who are passionate about ceramics. Ornare stands out in the space with the Shaker and Linear lines composing the studio furniture. Through the brand’s experience, the designers have created a contemporary reinterpretation of the classic design, incorporating modern elements without compromising the timelessness that characterizes the style.


“Working between mother and daughter means never running out of topics, always worrying and having a little more fun, building plans while building a family, reading minds and pretending to be each other. It’s fun and stimulating.”, says Bruna Moretti.

Kitchen with blue joinery

The Marília Veiga Interiores office specializes in high-end projects, offering a comprehensive approach that starts from conception to final delivery. One of the differences is the collaboration between Marilia Veiga and his son Daniel Veiga, who work together as partners in the company. Daniel plays a key role in office management, contributing to marketing and business administration.

Project by architect Marilia Veiga with the Paris line by Ornare.

The highlight of this joint work is evident in the recent project signed by Marília Veiga, with a kitchen with a modern and sophisticated design. Featuring Ornare’s Paris line, the mix of classic frames, in a blue and white color palette, results in an elegant look for the space. Marília applied her experience in interior design to bring this project to life, while her son Daniel Veiga contributed to the photographic documentation.

“I’m a partner in the firm and we work together, so it’s a nice job, because they complement each other. I don’t invade her sphere, sometimes she asks for her opinion and vice versa, but it’s a complementary job.”, adds Daniel Veiga.



Deby Oizerovici and Gaby Schattanmother, daughter and partner, share the love of bringing joy and lightness through their exclusive sculptures Handmade. This partnership adds a special dimension to the brand. Together, they combine their creative visions to present a unique experience in the newly opened Flagship Store in Milan. Located in Palazzo Gallarati, in the heart of the prestigious Fashion District, the showroom has been transformed into a stage for artistic expression and design excellence. . The works on display, created by Deby and Gaby, add a final touch of flair and creativity, harmonizing perfectly with the Ornare furniture, as in Timeless Bookshelves.


“We are not halves that complete each other, we are wholes that fit together. Our partnership is much more than a union, but rather a sum of forces. We learn to recognize each other, understand each other and admire each other. Everyone knows where they stand The other shines and we learn to pass every little piece of the company from hand to hand. We understand the value of each generation and the personality/experience of each one. We start our day by always asking each other and remembering that, above all, our company creates works with a meaning that should be experienced from the inside!” says Gaby Schattan.

Residential project


The architecture and design studio Anastasiadis, founded by Patrícia Anastassiadis, is recognized for its excellence and attention to detail. In this project, Patrícia Anastassiadis worked in collaboration with her son, Felipe Anastassiadis, marking the first complete residential project created together. From the synergy between mother and son a unique apartment was born, which was highlighted by the specialized media.

The project reflects the contemporary style and passion for design of a young couple who appreciates art. The choice of Ornare furniture, from the classic Paris line, enriches the aesthetics of the environment. The harmony between classic and modern demonstrates the designer duo’s expertise in creating elegant and inviting spaces.

“I feel very grateful to be part of our Anastassiadis team and to have the opportunity to work with people I admire and respect. From architects, to suppliers, to partners and even my mother!”, says Felipe Anastassiadis.

Designer pieces


Atelier Fanny Haim, based in Miami, Florida, is the result of a collaboration between mother and daughter, Fanny and Michelle Haim, combining over 40 years of design experience. Since their founding in 2017, the duo has brought a collaborative approach to creating incredible projects for the international market. Fanny Haim plays the role of President, while Michelle Haim takes on the roles of Creative Director and Chief Designer. Together, they form a dynamic and complementary team, driving the success and innovation of Fanny Haim Atelier. One of the designers’ first projects in collaboration with Ornare was the transformation of a two-story penthouse with 360° views. With the suggestive presence of the Ornare furniture in the wardrobe and the elegant panels in the office, they have created a perfect harmony between functionality and refinement.


“It’s a blessing to work alongside my mother, Fanny, my mentor and muse. We bounce ideas off each other and work really well together. I like to think we complement each other’s strengths really well and that’s one of the reasons why it works for us, I’m very lucky,” underlines Michelle Haim.

Source: Terra

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