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Palmeiras was run over by Hurricane in the cursed Barueri stadium

On an exciting afternoon at Arena Barueri, leaders Athletico PR showed their effectiveness in attack by defeating Palmeiras 2-0, in a clash that only reinforced the stadium’s reputation as a cursed ground for Verdão.

Furacão, who remains firmly at the top of Serie A of the Brazilian Championship, wasted no time in showing their determination, scoring two goals that sealed their victory. Pablo opened the scoring with the last play of the first half, while an own goal from Gustavo Gómez extended the lead in the final stage.

When the score was still 0-0 in the first half, Palmeiras had the chance to take the lead and open the scoring with a penalty, but Raphael Veiga was unable to convert, adding another chapter to the saga of the Alviverde team’s difficulties at the stadium. “cursed” from Barueri.

With the victory, the Furacão reaches 13 points, consolidating its position at the top of the tablewhile the Palmeiras slips to eighth placeremaining with eight points.

The next challenge for both teams promises to be equally exciting. Palmeiras will face Independiente del Valle on Wednesday, at Allianz Parquefor the Liberators cupwhile Athletico will host Danubio-URU at the Ligga Arena, for the Copa Sudamericana.

Despite Palmeiras’ attempts to reverse the situation, Furacão held on to the result even with one less player, confirming their strength and determination. And so, another page was written in the history of Brazilian football, with Arena Barueri witnessing another chapter in the battle between two giants of the sport.

Source: Atrevida

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