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The condom was trapped inside; Is there a risk of pregnancy?

The follower says he didn’t ejaculate and that his partner managed to remove the condom

Doctor, I have been in a relationship with my partner for 44 years. I pulled out her penis to ejaculate, but her condom got trapped inside her. She then managed to take it off herself. Is there a risk of pregnancy?

You had sexual intercourse with your pimp, you didn’t ejaculate in her vagina and, due to a car accident, the condom ended up detaching from the penis and getting trapped in your partner’s vagina.

She managed to remove this condom with the help of her fingers, but there was no sperm inside the condom, as you ejaculated outside your partner’s body. So the risk of pregnancy in a situation like the one you’re telling us about is very, very remote, not to mention practically impossible.

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