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Deolane and Fiuk are Scorpios: does a couple with the same sign work?

The web follows a possible relationship between Deolane and Fiuk. Check here at João Bidu to see if a couple with the same sign can work!

In recent weeks the Internet has been dominated by rumors about a possible relationship between Deolane and Fiuk. However, despite the shock of seeing this couple form, the icing on the astrological cake is the fact that they both belong to the sign of Scorpio. Therefore, today let’s talk about whether a couple with the same sign can work. Come and find out!

Deolane and Fiuk are Scorpios: couples with the same sign work?

Relationship between people of the same sign

This is one of the biggest questions in Astrology: can same-sign couples work? The answer is yes! Just like the relationship between Deolane and Fiuk, people who share the same sign also share similar personalities and emotions. In addition to the more internal aspects, it is also easy to find activities that the couple practices together, after all even the tastes are similar.

Analyze the entire astral map

The sun sign, however, is not the only point to analyze when talking about personality and, above all, relationships. Therefore, it is worth remembering that it is necessary to analyze the entire astral chart to come to the conclusion whether there is a love synastry between the couple.

Deolane and Fiuk: Scorpio with Scorpio

Deolane and Fiuk are natives of the sign of Scorpio. This way, the couple can present a very engaging sensual energy, as well as a lot of chemistry between four walls. However, all the intensity that tends to dominate the Scorpio couple can also cause arguments to be characterized by strong tempers and a barrage of insults on both sides.

Source: Terra

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