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Malena Russo brings fashion upcycling to celebrity costumes

Pioneer of customization in Brazil, the consultant says chic is giving new meaning to the pieces we already have in our closet

“You have to know the rules to break them,” said the British designer Alexander McQueen, an icon of audacity. Following this philosophy, a broken norm in current fashion is to discard clothes.

Previously, major consumers – socialites and celebrities – never repeated a look. Social awareness and the need to preserve nature have changed the perspective on the issue.

Today there is a resignification of clothes. Two techniques stand out: customization (customizing a piece to make it unique) and upcycling (the ecologically correct transformation of a material that would be discarded into a new product).

Fashion consultant Malena Russo is a pioneer of this authorial fashion in Brazil. Her pieces created in her studio have dressed João Guilherme, Felipe Titto, Pedro Sampaio, Michel Teló, Luciana Vendramini, Camila Loures, Jon Vlogs, among other actors, singers, presenters and influencers. The striker Endrick, of Palmeiras and soon Real Madrid, also became a client.

“I started transforming old clothes into unique, new-looking pieces when I was a teenager, when I already liked fashion, but couldn’t afford famous brands,” he says.

Years later, as a personal stylist, he began using scraps, paint and props in productions. “Every person, famous or anonymous, wants to feel unique, wearing something that shows their personality,” she explains.

“I create each piece considering aspects of the person’s personality and the message they want to convey. Fashion is a powerful communication tool.”

The fashion consultant with Endrick and João Guilherme and the singers of Menos and Mais: celebrities embrace customization and upcycling

In the 1990s Malena Russo wandered around the factories of Bom Retiro, the center of the textile industry in the city of Sao Paulo, looking for pieces of fabric. You have also collaborated with the legendary underground brand Escola de Divinos. “I’ve always wanted to introduce artistic elements into fashion.”

He also applies customizations and upclycing to the costumes he creates for the singers of the Pagoda group Menos é Mais. “I like to push boundaries, dress bodies of different sizes, democratize fashion,” she says. “I’m happy when the artists I wear awaken inspiration in many people.”

Malena Russo with models Diego Vinícius and Yana Carioly wear garments created by her:

While visiting Paris Fashion Week in March, the consultant was sure that the biggest trend was freedom. “People are more fun, they show their own style, they overlap pieces without fear of making mistakes. I believe in this fashion that everyone gets from what they have in their wardrobe”.

The authorial fashion specialist during the research:

Source: Terra

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