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‘Planet of the Apes: New Kingdom’: Ending Explained, What Will Happen to Humans?

With the movie “Planet of the Apes: War”, released in 2017, the story of Caesar, the ape who fought many battles to prevent his species from continuing to be enslaved by humans, came to an end. As a good leader, he gave his life so that his people could live in peace.

Now, Caesar’s legacy returns to theaters with “Planet of the Apes: New Kingdom,” a film set more than a century after the events of the franchise’s last film, introducing new characters and a new question: What would happen? if humans could regain control of the planet?

Before you read on, please note that this article contains spoilers.

‘Planet of the Apes: New Kingdom’ introduces new characters to the franchise

In this film, where apes are the dominant species living in harmony and humans have fallen into the shadows (remember they contracted a virus that made them lose their intelligence), a new ape leader (Proximus Caesar) builds an empire based on the fear and enslavement of her kind.

Although everything seems to indicate that humans have lost control of the planet, a girl named Mae searches for an object that could help the rest of humanity come out of hiding.

On the way he meets Noah and Raka, who are looking for Noah’s people (the Eagle Clan) after they were kidnapped by gorillas in the service of Proximo.

‘Planet of the Apes: New Kingdom’ ending explained, what happened to Noa and Mae?

After May follows Noah and Raka, the apes discover that the young woman is smart and even has a plan: to get to the base where Noah’s tribe is being held captive, only she aims to stop the apes from taking control of the due to part.

In the final part of the film, Mae prepares a bomb circuit to flood the hangar of the military base that Proximus C├ęsar, who had enslaved the community of Noa in order to continue to evolve and control, wanted to gain access to. world.

In the showdown, Noa declares himself the new leader of his tribe and defeats Proximo Caesar with the help of the eagles, also defeating the rest of the apes who followed the villain.

While this is happening, May rushes in and grabs an item from the military base, says goodbye to Noah, and starts a new path to what appears to be another abandoned military base.

There, she is taken in by a colony of humans who have not lost their intelligence, delivering an object that activates satellites in the area, and they begin communicating with other communities of intelligent humans, receiving a response from Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Now that humans can communicate with each other, they can begin to create a new society that can come out of hiding and dominate planet Earth again. Is it possible for humans and apes to live together, or will a new war begin?

Source: univision

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