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Taylor Swift: Internet users criticize fan who left baby on the floor during concert

Internet user published photo of baby lying on the floor during Swift’s performance in Paris

Fans of Taylor Swift expressed outrage after coming across a photo showing a baby on the floor during the singer’s concert in Paris. Now with a private profile, the account @jacnights13 shared an image with a child apparently lying in a coat on the floor of the arena where Swift gave one of his presentations. Standing in front of the baby is a person.

Although the identities of the child and his supposed parents were not revealed, nor were other information about the context of the situation, internet users made numerous criticisms of what happened. “Not to be one of those people, but honestly, I would call security if I saw a baby on the dance floor because it’s not safe,” wrote the user who posted the photo.

“As a mother of a baby this size, I couldn’t imagine what it’s like to be him in a show. I understand that babysitters are hard to find, so if you really need to bring the baby, you shouldn’t be on the runway. You should have one stroller for him, and the baby needs ear protection,” commented one mother.

“Literally, if there was an emergency and everyone had to rush to get out, the baby would get stepped on or injured. It’s literally so upsetting to me that I can’t even…” said another user.

A representative of La Défense Arena, where Swift performed shows The Eras Tourtold the Page Six that “the general terms and conditions of sale stipulate that all minors (without age limit) holding a ticket for a concert at the Paris La Défense Arena must be accompanied by an adult. Children under 18 remain under the responsibility of their guardian legal, as per venue policy. For spectators with a small child on the floor, an alternative seating arrangement was proposed but was declined by ticket holders.”

Source: Rollingstone

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