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The Brazil Music Award announces nominations and a tribute to Tim Maia; see list

Marcelo D2 and Jards Macalé lead with three nominations each; The list includes names such as Ana Castela, Alcione and Marisa Monte

The Brazilian Music Awards announced this Monday, 13th, the complete list of candidates for its 31st edition. The ceremony will take place on June 12th, at 6.00 pm Municipal Theater of Rio de Janeiro, with a special tribute to Tim Maia.

The event will be presented by Regina Casé, broadcast live on Canal Brasil and on the PMB channel on YouTube. Furthermore, it has been confirmed that artists such as Simone and Ney Matogrosso will perform, singing versions of Blue the color of the sea AND Spring. Other names have yet to be revealed.

Another novelty of this 31st Award is the creation of the Brazilian Musician Award, the result of a partnership between the PMB and the Brazilian Union of Composers. Together, the entities will honor a great musician or producer of our music.

Among the candidates for the award stand out Marcelo D2 and Jards Macalé, with three nominations each. See the full list:

Nomination for the Brazilian Music Award



  • Maiara and Maraisa
  • The Barons of Pisadinha
  • Rionegro and Solimões


  • Attitude 67
  • It’s the Tchan!
  • Milk Mastruz

Performer – Popular song

  • Edson Cordeiro
  • Filippo Toca
  • Gabriele Sater
  • João Gomes
  • Leo Santana

Interpreter – Sertanejo

  • Ana Castela
  • Laurana Prado
  • Paula Fernandes
  • Roberta Miranda
  • Simone Mendes

Release – Popular song

  • Gabriel Sater – Nos Dias Actuals (Live) (Production: Gabriel Sater, João Gaspar)
  • João Gomes – Raiz (Production: Top Eventos)
  • Romero Ferro, Gaby Amarantos – Em Plena Lua de Mel (Production: MGZD)

Launch – Campaign

  • Ana Castela – Boiadeira Internacional (Live) (Production: Eduardo Godoy)
  • Maiara & Maraisa – Live in Portugal (Production: Eduardo Pepato)
  • Roberta Miranda – Let’s Unleash (Production: Roberta Miranda)



  • Eddie Band
  • Barbatuques
  • Mouth free


  • Alaide Costa
  • Macalè Gardens
  • Jota.Pê
  • Rosa Pass
  • Wanderlea


  • Jards Macalé – Forked Heart (Production: Jards Macalé, Romulo Fróes)
  • Rosa Passos, Lula Gavão – Rosa Passos and Lula Galvão (Production: Rafael Paulista)
  • Wanderléa – Wanderléa Canta Choros (Production: Mario Gil, Luiz Nogueira)

Best song

  • Jards Macalé – Mysteries of Our Love (Performers: Jards Macalé, Maria Bethânia / Composer: Jards Macalé, Ronaldo Bastos)
  • Marcelo D2 – Povo de Fé (Performer: Marcelo D2, Nega Duda / Composer: Marcelo D2, Luiz Antônio Simas)
  • Wilson das Neves – Luz do Candeeiro (Performer: Áurea Martins / Composer: Wilson das Neves, Paulo César Pinheiro)



  • Abulidu
  • Àttooxxá
  • Natiruti


  • Gloria Groove
  • Iza
  • Ludmilla
  • Rincon Wisdom
  • Sandra de Sa


  • Jonathan Ferr – Freedom (Production: Jonathan Ferr)
  • Jorge Aragão, Djonga – Respeita (Production: Kevin, Jorge Aragão)
  • Ludmilla – Vilã (Production: Dallass, Ajaxx, Topo La Maskara, Ariel Donato, Ludmilla, Rafael Castilhol, DJ Gabriel do Borel, Marcio Arantes, Mars, Rasool Diaz, Zone, Coop The Truth, Galdino, DJ Chris 011, Ape Drums, Tropkillaz)



  • Mombojo
  • Duck Fu
  • Sophia Chablau is a huge waste of time


  • Alice Caymmi
  • Ana Electric Chicken
  • Philip Catto
  • Marisa Monte
  • Zeca Baleiro


  • Ana Frango Elétrico – Call me a cat I’m yours (Production: Ana Frango Elétrico)
  • Filipe Catto – Beauties are things illuminated inside (Production: Filipe Catto, Fabio Pinczowski)
  • Mahmundi – Amor Fati (Production: Mahmundi, Pedro Tie)



  • Chico Amado & Xodo
  • Joanna
  • Lourenço and Lourival


  • Bumbá ox guaranteed
  • Timbalada
  • Falamansa


  • Alceu Valença
  • Carlinhos Brown
  • Lia of Itamaracá
  • Luiz Caldas
  • Marcelo Jeneci


  • Alceu Valença – Meu Querido São João (Live at Fundição Progresso) (Production: Tovinho)
  • Lia de Itamaracá – Dorme Pretinho (Production: Pupillo)
  • Mestre Damasceno, Nativos Marajoara – Búfalo-Bumbá (Production: Léo Chermont, Guto Nunes)


  • Crying in the street
  • Philip Senna
  • Gabriele Leite



  • Meeting of the Old Guards
  • Group revelation
  • Seed Group


  • Alcyone
  • Fabiana Cozza
  • Martinho da Vila
  • Pericles
  • Xandé de Pilares


  • Marcelo D2 – Iboru (Production: Marcelo D2, Nave, Kiko Dinucci, Mario Caldato Junior)
  • Martinho da Vila – Negra Ópera (Production: Celso Filho, Martinho Antônio, Pretinho da Serrinha)
  • Xande de Pilares – Xande Canta Caetano (Production: Pretinho da Serrinha)


Electronic launch

  • Tropkillaz, Sango – Rio de Janeiro (Production: Tropkillaz)
  • Ubuntu – Wonderful Water (Production: Ubuntu)
  • Urias – Her Mind (Production: Maffalda, Brabo)

Release in foreign language

  • Anitta – Funk Generation: A Favela Love Story (Production: Brabo, Decz, Diplo, DJ Gabriel do Borel, Márcio Arantes, Ilya)
  • Pedro Miranda, Fernando Leitzke and Candombaile – Candombe Bailador (Production: Luis Filipe de Lima)
  • Urias – Her Mind (Production: Maffalda, Brabo)

Erudite Launch

  • Ouro Preto Orchestra, Cristian Badu, Maestro Rodrigo Toffolo, Gustavo Carvalho – Ouro Preto Orchestra: Haydn & Mozart. (Production: Maestro Rodrigo Toffolo)
  • Brazilian Symphony Orchestra, Ignacio Garcia Vidal – Three Spanish Dances (Production: Nikolay Sapoundjiev)
  • São Paulo State Symphony Orchestra – Sinfonia dos Orixás & Pequenos Funerais Cantantes (Production: Ulrich Schneider)

Special project

  • Chico César, Geraldo Azevedo – Violivoz (Live) (Production: Chico César, Geraldo Azevedo)
  • João Gilberto – Reliquiry: João Gilberto (Live at Sesc 1998) (Production: Sesc São Paulo)
  • Wilson das Neves – Senzala and Favela (Production: Jorge Helder, Kassin)



  • Tribute band to Waldir Azevedo
  • Crying in Ribeira
  • Crying in the street


  • Antonio Adolfo
  • Armandinho Macedo
  • Hamilton from Holland
  • Romero Lubambo
  • Yamandu Costa


  • Chico Pinheiro, Romero Lubambo – Two Brothers (Production: Matt Pierson)
  • Choro na Rua – Thank you Zé da Velha (Production: Alexandre Maionese, Henrique Cazes, Rogério Caetano, Silvério Pontes, Diego do Valle)
  • Yamandu Costa, Armandinho Macedo – Encontro das Águas (Production: Yamandu Costa, Joa~o Falca~o Neto)


  • Caetano Veloso – The Man I Love (Directed by: Felipe Lion, Luqueta)
  • Marcelo D2 – Iboru (Director: Marcelo D2, Luiza Machado)
  • Martinho Da Vila, Chico César – Light the candles (Director: Philippe Rios)
  • Rubel, Bala Desire – Toda Beleza (Director: TOMAT)
  • Rubel, MC Carol, BK’, DJ Gabriel do Borel – Put@ria! (Directed by: Belle de Melo)

Source: Terra

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