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Michelle Rodriguez finally talks about her relationship with actress Victoria Garcia: “It’s not nice to live in fear”

After several public appearances on social networks, Michelle Rodriguez finally opened up for his short but important relationship with actress Victoria García.

In an interview with TVNotas magazine, the star of productions such as “40 y 20” and “True Love” shared that although she prefers to keep her personal life out of the public eye, she sees no reason to hide the months relationship. had with her partner.

“It’s not nice to live in fear in life. Now I’m learning not to have that fear and I think we should embrace who we are. I always say it: “This is me and I’m happy,” he declared.

In regards to the photos she shared weeks ago celebrating National Couples Day with Victoria and explaining why she went public with their romance, the 40-year-old actress spoke her mind.

“There’s no reason. You remove things that don’t serve you. You don’t have to look good to anyone. You’re not a gold coin. It’s hard for us to learn. Once you’re comfortable with who you are, it’s easier. We should not question each other’s life. “Ask yours” declared.

Regarding their romantic relationship, Michelle Rodriguez mentioned that they have been together for a few months and she feels very happy.

“It’s a relationship that goes on for a while. although it seems a lot. It fills my heart so much. Everyone knows she isn’t, but she keeps me so, so happy. It has me smiling from ear to ear. Earn. It’s sun. I am the happiest,” shared.

Michelle Rodríguez talks about her physical transformation

The actress also addressed the impact her physical transformation has had, stressing that she is in a period of “constant reconstruction” in which she must overcome her own beliefs.

“All the things you thought you needed before and now you don’t. It’s very complicated, but that’s cool. “I’m taking a leap inward to evolve,” he said.

He talked about how unnecessary it is to talk about other people’s bodies and how public opinion has become violent.

“We must respect who we are. We no longer talk about other people’s bodies. We must learn to love who we are. We are also aware of the violence that surrounds us,” he concluded.

Source: univision

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