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Your obsessive thoughts could be in your astrological chart: you understand

Find out which astrological configurations help identify a propensity for obsessive thoughts

Obsessive thoughts are more than just worries running through the mind; they are persistent, invasive cycles that can dominate everyday life and significantly interfere with quality of life.

If you find yourself revisiting the same thoughts or worries often without finding a solution, know that your Astrological chart can offer important insights into where these patterns come from and how to start checking them.

How the Astral Map reveals tendencies towards obsessive thoughts

The Astral Map is a powerful self-knowledge tool that shows the position of the planets at the time of your birth. From this analysis it is possible to obtain valuable information about your personality and behavior.

Among all these elements that the map reveals there are also emotional and mental inclinations.

Some astrological configurations are particularly revealing when it comes to identifying a propensity for obsessive thoughts. This is what you’ll see next.

First I advise you create or open your Personal Astral Chart. It’s free! When you open the map, you will find a menu with options for “planets, houses and astrological signs”. By clicking on them, you can check if the points mentioned below are present.

Furthermore, by opening the texts with the interpretation of your birth chart, you will be able to see if there are conjunctions, squares or oppositions between the planets described below.

What aspects to consider on the map:

  • Conjunctions between Moon, Mercury and Venus: A The moon represents your emotions, Mercury your thoughts AND Venus your values ​​and desires. Therefore, when these planets form conjunctions (there can be as few as two such planets), they create an intensification of emotional and mental energies. This may involve a deeper fixation on specific desires or thoughts.
  • Moon, Mercury or Venus in Houses 4, 8 or 12: These astrological houses of the Astral Map they are associated with the unconscious. The presence of the Moon, Venus or Mercury in these houses suggests a strong action of the unconscious in your thoughts and behaviors. Which can lead to repetitive thought patterns.
  • Tense aspects between Moon, Mercury or Venus and Saturn: Stimulating aspects (such as square or opposition) between Saturn and Moon, Mercury and Venus can create an internal tension between the desire for emotional security and the authentic expression of thoughts and desires, contributing to mental rumination.
  • Jupiter in tension with Moon or Mercury: Since Jupiter represents growth, we may experience some lack of boundaries if the planet is square the Moon or Mercury in our chart.
  • Pluto in tension with Moon or Mercury: Since Pluto represents revelations and deep desires, we may experience a certain intensity when it squares the Moon or Mercury.
  • Many planets in the signs of Virgo or Scorpio: These signs are associated with control and perfection. This can lead to an obsession with detail and a need to dominate and control one’s environment and thoughts. So, if you have two or more planets in Virgo or Scorpio, you may have this obsessive tendency.

Strategies for dealing with obsessive thoughts

If you often find yourself lost in thoughts you can’t control, you’ve probably found some of the points mentioned above in your birth chart. Based on this, there are some strategies that can help you manage these tendencies.

See some tips:

  1. Meditation: It is especially interesting to focus on meditation! Learning to listen to your inner mental voice and learning to place yourself in the present is essential
  2. Habit Replacement: In the same way that turning a destructive habit into something healthy, like trading an addiction for exercise, thought patterns can be changed. Try to banish obsessive thoughts from your mind by replacing them with positive ones.
  3. Deficiency management: Pay attention to deficiencies that become compensations, such as traditional habit of “eating one’s emotions”. Sometimes indulging in a little more can also bring some balance.

Remember: Astral Map is not a diagnosis and Internet advice is not a solution. This article indicates a path of self-knowledge to try to pay a little more attention to this topic.

Don’t forget to search professional help, both from traditional medicine and alternative therapiesto help you on this journey.

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Nai Tomayno ([email protected])

– Astrologer and holistic therapist, works as a facilitator of (re)connections aimed at healing, using the astral chart as the main tool. Trained in crystal healing, Magnified Healing and a practitioner of natural magic, she is an expert in combining this knowledge and alternative therapies with the needs of the map.

Source: Terra

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