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Like any sign they can have a healthier life

Based on your ascendant, astrology tells you what you should take care of to have good health

Even though we’re often made to think that we need a lot of things to feel good, having a healthy routine isn’t that difficult. With the help of astrology, we can find out the best way for each sign to have a healthy life.

But we are not referring to the “sign” that everyone knows, the solar one. It’s the sign we have House 6 of our astral chartwhich is associated with health, routine, work and personal habits.

Because the Sixth House forms a 150-degree angle with the Ascendant, it creates a natural contrast that helps us understand the healthy habits and challenges each sign faces in the pursuit of a wellness routine.

Therefore, the first step is to make your Astral Map for free here. With that in hand, you see What is the sign that appears in your sixth house?.

So, see below, the best way for your sign to have a healthy life.

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How your sign has a healthy life

Aries in House 6:

The energy of the Ascendant in Scorpio, combined with the vitality of Aries in the 6th House, highlights your strength and resilience. Treatment head and energy management are essentialas well as performing physical activities that channel Scorpio intensity.

💡Tip: Establish a balanced routine that includes a eat mindfully and enough time to rest.

Taurus in the 6th House:

The freedom of the Ascendant in Sagittarius meets the solidity of Taurus in the Sixth House, warning of excess risks. The health of the throat and thyroid deserve attention, as does the search for pleasures that nourish the body and soul without falling into indulgence.

💡Tip: Find pleasure in physical activities that are also aesthetically pleasing, such as dancing or yoga. This is because it can help maintain a balance between physical health and personal satisfaction.

Gemini in the sixth house:

The Capricorn Ascendant structure benefits from the mental agility of Gemini in the 6th House, indicating the need for balance work and rest, taking care of respiratory and mental health. Additionally, communication and continuous learning can be balms against stress.

💡Tip: Consider health as a transformation process. Avoid excesses and explore therapies that help you better control your emotionsstrengthening your reproductive and emotional health.

Cancer in the sixth house:

The innovation of your Aquarius Ascendant, combined with the sensitivity of Cancer in the 6th, demands a look attentive to emotions and their influence on physical health. But pay attention to the digestive system and practices that nourish both body and soul.

💡Tip: Maintain your zest for life by adopting an uplifting routine that includes time to relax and have fun. A nature can be a great ally in search of balance and well-being.

Leo in House 6:

The imagination of Pisces Ascendant receives the creative impulse of Leo, emphasizing expression and attention to the heart. So he finds ways to shine, whether through art, sports or any activity that makes your spirit vibrate.

💡Tip: Apply Capricorn discipline to create a health routine which includes a balanced diet and regular physical activity. But remember that perseverance brings lasting results.

Virgo in House 6:

If the fire of Aries marks your Ascendant, the earth of Virgo in your 6th House suggests the need to incorporate the order and attention to detail into your health routine. Balance is key: establish a routine that harmonizes discipline and flexibility, paying particular attention to the digestive system and stress management.

💡Tip: Encourages freedom of movement and self-expression through sports and outdoor activities that get you out of the routine. So they help balance mental and physical health.

Libra in the 6th House:

For those born with the Ascendant in Taurus, the aesthetics of Libra in the sixth house requires a balance between pleasure and health. But pay attention to your kidneys and sugar consumption. Find joy in physical activities that combine beauty and well-being, such as dance or yoga.

💡Tip: use your own intuition to take care of your health, paying attention to the signals of the body and mind. In this sense, Yoga is a good exercise for health and it is advisable to undergo regular tests to prevent asymptomatic diseases.

Scorpio in the sixth house:

With Gemini on the Ascendant, the intensity of Scorpio in the sixth house encourages significant transformations in health. But avoid excesses and try to deeply understand your emotional and physical needs, paying particular attention to reproductive health.

💡Tip: Channel your energy and vigor demanding physical activities that also promote discipline and focus, such as martial arts or high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

Sagittarius in House 6:

The emotionality of your Cancer Ascendant contrasts with the expansiveness of Sagittarius in the 6th House, indicating a tendency to overwork and projects. Prioritize balance, pay attention to your liver and the problems stress can cause, and seek activities that strengthen your connection with nature.

💡Tip: Enjoy life’s pleasures in moderation, especially in relation to food. Cultivating a hobby that encourages movement, such as gardening, can be a fun way to stay healthy.

Capricorn in House 6:

The presence of Capricorn in the sixth house suggests the importance of a structured routine, with particular attention to the heart and skeleton. Capricorn discipline helps stress managementwhile the splendor of the Leo Ascendant finds expression in activities that also nourish the spirit.

💡Tip: Stimulate your mind and body with variety, alternating different types of physical activities and hobbies that keep your interest and curiosity alive.

Aquarius in the 6th House:

The meticulousness of the Ascendant in Virgo meets the innovation of Aquarius in the Sixth House, favoring a holistic approach that unites mind and body. Avoid excessive mental work and pursue activities that promote freedom and movement, such as outdoor sports.

💡Tip: Pay particular attention to emotional balance, using therapies that allow you to express and process feelings, which can reflect positively on your physical health.

Pisces in House 6:

People with Libra and Pisces Ascendants ruling the sixth house are reminded of the importance of taking care of their emotional and physical health. Pisces sensitivity demands pay attention to dependencies and psychological well-being. Meditative and artistic practices can be valuable healing tools.

💡Tip: Include activities in your routine that allow you to express your creativity and passion, such as dance or theater lessons, with benefits for both your emotional and physical health.

In the video, learn more about health and astrology:

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Vanessa Tuleski ([email protected])

– Vanessa Tuleski gives queries astrological-therapeutic and was a pioneer of Brazilian astrology by speaking of the general Sky, instead of the traditional sign-by-sign horoscope. She is the creator of the course “Food and its astral map” on Personare. She participates in weekly astrological prediction programs on the Personare YouTube channel.

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