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4 tips to create your body’s skin care

How do you take care of your body’s skin? Discover essential tips to stay healthy!

You probably already have a skincare routine for your face, but here’s a question: How is your body skin care going? We often end up forgetting that the skin on the body also needs attention to stay healthy and protected from damage caused by factors such as solar radiation and pollution.

Second Carla Verçosa, marketing and product development manager at Yes! Cosmetics, the first step to create your body’s skin care is identify your skin type (dry, oily or mixed).

In addition the professional also recommends take into account the season, as climatic conditions can impact the skin barrier in different ways. “On days with warmer temperatures like autumn, we tend to get drier, for example,” she says.

Below, check out more essential tips to get a jump start on including body skin in your daily self-care ritual.

Body skin care tips

Don’t overdo the exfoliation

A exfoliation It is essential for stimulating the renewal of the skin barrier, contributing to the removal of dead cells, the prevention of ingrown hairs and softer skin. However, it is not advisable to overdo this skincare step, the ideal is to do it once a week or every 15 days, depending on your skin type and sensitivity.

“Furthermore, exfoliation should be carried out with light movements, since the lack of delicacy can cause irritation and redness”, warns the professional.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

In addition to drinking lots of water, it is essential for the skin to remain firm, beautiful and healthy invest in moisturizers. “Among the countless benefits of the practice, the use of these cosmetics promotes the strengthening of the skin’s protective barrier, prevents dryness and signs of aging, controls shine and greasiness and helps reduce inflammatory risks, such as dermatitis “, reveals the Product Development Manager at Yes! Cosmetics.

Use a body splash

You body sketches They can help prolong the feeling of having showered and leave your body skin smelling good for longer. “They offer a delicate scent since they contain between 3% and 5% of essence in their formulation and, despite this, they have a high power of protection against sweat odors,” he says.

Don’t forget to take care of your hands

“We use our hands a lot every day and, like all the other limbs we have, they need to be cleaned, hydrated and protected. Avoid washing your hands with inappropriate soapsopt for natural ones that help restore softness, shine and hydration”, he advises.

Also recommend Carla carry hand cream in your bag and use it throughout the day to prevent that unwanted rough look. “Use and abuse a specific moisturizer for this part of the body. Due to daily contact with alcoholic gel and dishwashing liquid, as well as other chemical agents present in everyday life, dryness becomes inevitable,” he concludes.

Source: Terra

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