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Monique Evans wears a wedding dress with 15,000 pearls for her wedding

The model made her relationship with DJ Cacá Werneck official on Thursday evening, the 16th

Monique Evans and Caca Werneck they got married on the night of Thursday the 16th in Rio de Janeiro. With more than 200 guests, the ceremony cost almost R$1 million and the brides chose luxurious looks suited to the special occasion.

Designed by designer Michelly X, Monique’s dress is white, long and with a very voluminous skirt. The piece has around 15 thousand pearls and 10 thousand embroidered crystals, cost R$40 thousand and, being so large, needed a car just to be transported.

Barbara Evans and Monique Evans

“It took me a month to make the sable model, all off-white, made with 15 thousand pearls and 10 thousand crystals. Despite the traditional cut, the sexy touch was in the well-defined waist, like a corset,” Michelly said in an interview with newspaper The globe.

For Cacá the proposal was completely different. “We opted for a cropped blazer with a modern cut, under relaxed trousers, all equally off-white,” explained the designer.

Cacá Wernek's look for the wedding

The ceremony

The space that Monique and Cacá chose to get married is surrounded by the Atlantic Forest and has different environments, such as the outdoor area where the wedding organizers will set up the dance floor, which will be animated by a band and a DJ.

The couple decided to follow a traditional wedding model and a pastor of the contemporary Christian Church conducted the ceremony, which was attended by the families of both brides.

Monique was walked down the aisle by her daughter, Bárbara Evans. The model’s 2-year-old granddaughter Ayla played the role of the bride. Cacá’s grandson was the page, and the DJ’s mother helped her daughter-in-law organize the event.

Discover the luxurious hotel where Monique Evans and Cacá Werneck's wedding night will take place
Discover the luxurious hotel where Monique Evans and Cacá Werneck’s wedding night will take place

Source: Terra

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