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Jojo Todynho introduces himself while taking the serum and explains the relationship between the bariatric surgery and the one that made her lose 50 kg

The singer explained to her fans why she was taking hormone replacement therapy. Discover!

Jojo Todynho shared with his followers another step forward in his recovery your bariatric surgery. After losing 50 kgthe influencer said she is now taking hormone replacement therapy, part of her health protocol.

“Replacement day. It is very important for those who have undergone bariatric surgery to replenish vitamins, train, otherwise you will not be able to eat well,” said the artist lying with the IV in her arm and showing everything on her Instagram.

Jojo Todynho reassures fans by showing up with the serum in his arm and explaining the procedure

Jojo Todynho added that this type of post-operative procedure is essential for her to achieve the expected results. “It’s like I said, bariatrics can be a great success, but it can also be a great misfortune. It’s no joke. Every Thursday [reponho] amino acids, iron, vitamins, I’ll do everything I can,” he warned.

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