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Tonight on TV: This is one of the revelations of 2023, this actor is amazing in this movie that makes math exciting

Are you like the author of these lines, bad at math? Are all those words that rhyme with “on” (equation, division, fraction, etc.) confusing you or even sending you into a panic? Therefore, we recommend the wonderful Marguerite Theorem, an existential quest set against the background of mathematics, which can miraculously make you fall in love with this obscure and impenetrable science!

Released in cinemas in 2023, Marguerite’s theorem tells the story of a young woman, a brilliant mathematics student at the Ecole Normale SupĂ©rieure, whose future is clearly visible. The only girl in her class, she is finishing a thesis to present to an audience of researchers. On the big day, a mistake shakes all its authenticity and the building collapses. Margarita decides to leave everything to start over.

an idea Marguerite’s theoremAn amazing, sophisticated and fascinating film, it came to the director Anna Novion when she fell ill at the age of twenty and was forced to stay in a monastery for six months. “After recovery, I felt different from people my age, I was no longer in their carefree mood”he notes. “I thought about mainstream schools, where students are sometimes outside the world, focused on learning, and very soon the mathematical environment seemed obvious to me.”

Cesar for the young mathematician

giving birth Marguerite’s theoremScreened in a special screening at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival, Anna Novion He collaborated with mathematician Ariane Mezar. “He was the first to talk to me about mathematics in an artistic way, awakening poetry, imagination, everything that also animates me in my profession. Talking about his passion, he talked about me.”says the director.

If we were to remember just one of the many qualities of this film, it would undoubtedly be the excellent performance of young Ella Rumpf. In the role of an obsessive student of mathematics, Graves revealed a young woman. The Caesars made no mistake in awarding her the prize of female revelation.

I bet 2 + 2 makes 5 (sorry, 4!), that’s interesting Marguerite’s theorem Fascinating!

Tonight on Canal+ at 9 o’clock.

The Marguerite Theorem: Ella Rumpf Tells Us All About Her Atypical and Selfless Heroine

Source: Allocine

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