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“Why don’t I have a love?” Understand better what it could be

If you feel like love is blocked in your life and you wonder why this is happening, know that it could be an energetic issue. Understand better.

If you’ve asked yourself questions like, “Why don’t I have a love?” or “why does my love life seem blocked?”, know that some energy blockages could cause this feeling of being stuck in love. I’ll help you understand.

Blocks in love can be generated by energies left over from previous relationships, but also by feelings towards oneself or by issues that happened in one’s childhood.

Taking care of your energy is essential to unlocking your desires, both in love and in other areas of your life.

Why don’t I have a love?

Let’s start with an exercise where you answer some questions. So let’s go:

  • Do you love yourself?
  • How do you take care of yourself?
  • Have you put yourself in the role of victim?
  • How much responsibility do you take for how you feel?
  • Have you sought help or swept your challenges under the rug?

Your energy must be balanced and bright for your life to move forward. So know that taking care of your energy is not something magical nor does it require a thousand ingredients. You need to take care of your emotions first, as I show below.

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What blocks love

The reasons that could block your path to finding your love and living in a relationship could be these:

Connection with the past

You have suffered and your suffering is legitimate. But holding on to this pain leaves no room for new and better relationships to come.

Do energy release exercisesenergetic divorce and therapy sessions help you let go of the past and allow you to move forward.

Stagnant energy from past relationships

You’ve already broken up, you have nothing left with your old partner, and yet the energy of the relationship can still remain there.

When you leave to move on with your life, do you say “bye, gone”?

Then, write a letter to your past, thanking yourself for what you experienced and freeing everyone involved to live their own lives. That said, burn the letter later. This is liberating.

There is a lot of resentment, hurt, bitterness and guilt involved

Release and purify energy These feelings open up a large space in your energy field. Remember: you cannot erase the situations that generated these feelings because they are part of your history.

But you can keep the lessons learned and release the weight and pain. This exercise below can help you:

Pacts, agreements, vows, promises that have remained in your energy

We can consciously or unconsciously make some deals and promises. With this we feel obliged to maintain it, even when we no longer have a connection or when it no longer makes sense for the moment of life we ​​are living.

The energy may still be there with you. Terminating these contracts can free you to live as you choose and wish to live. Learn more about energy divorce hereas it could be an interesting way out.

Emotions created in you since your childhood

Your childhood plays a crucial role in your emotional development. During this stage of your life, you have had different experiences and relationships and interactions with your caregivers.

This significantly shaped his perceptions of love and his abilities to relate to other people.

The emotions you felt in childhood, such as love, acceptance, rejection, fear, anger, or abandonment, may have created deeply ingrained emotional patterns and beliefs within you.

If these emotions are not properly processed, feelings can arise. blocks in love in life.

For example, a child who grows up in an environment lacking love, attention, or adequate emotional support may develop the belief that he or she is unlovable or untrustworthy.

Therefore, this can lead to difficulty opening up emotionally and connecting intimately with another person.

Additionally, if a person has been constantly criticized or rejected by their parents, they may become self-critical and have low self-esteem, which can hinder their ability to love themselves and receive love.

Did you recognize yourself?

Emotional blocks in love can manifest themselves in many ways. Recognizing and overcoming these blocks requires self-knowledge, self-reflection, and often the support of therapy or other forms of emotional support.

Here because, look for ways to open your paths in love taking care of your energy. It is often important to rely on the help of other people. This can accelerate the transformation you desire in your life.

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Aline Lang ([email protected])

– Specialist in Energy Cleansing and Emotional Liberation®. Provides individual and group therapeutic consultations and support to people and environments.

Source: Terra

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