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Discover rituals to end rivalry

Envy can drain your energy. Learn now from João Bidu the rituals to end the rivalry

Envy is a feeling that can interfere with our vibrational field and affect our routine. Therefore, it is necessary to protect yourself when a situation arises in which this feeling is directed towards you, and sympathies are a great method to stop envy. Therefore, João Bidu’s team has selected some rituals to end the rivalry. Come and take a look!

Rituals to end rivalry

Send your rival away

First, take three handfuls of coarse salt, three sprigs of rue and three rose petals and place them in a bucket with three liters of cold water. Then, throw the mixture on your feet and repeat: “nothing can take my love away from me.” Finally, discard whatever remains of the ritual to end the rivalry in a garbage can. The bucket should be washed and used normally.

Drive away enemies

First, take a handful of rock salt and use it to draw a heart on the ground in a remote place of your house. Then, to end the rivalry, place a piece of paper in your heart with your name and the Lord’s Prayer written on it.

Before you go home, say: “May this heart bless my life and may I become good friends. May bad friends stay away from me as soon as possible.” Finally go out without looking back and leave the paper and coarse salt in their place.

Protect your love

Do you suspect that someone might envy your relationship? So, to end the rivalry, go to a garden and collect a white rose petal. When your loved one is next to you, take the petal, crush it with your fingers and secretly rub the juice on the back of the neck. It is important not to tell anyone about the ritual. Do this for three consecutive days, praying an Our Father and offering it to your guardian angel.

Source: Terra

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