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8 Ways to Reduce Dust at Home: Tips from Professional Cleaners

These professional tips for tackling dust in your home will help you spend less time cleaning.

It is impossible to get rid of it completely, but reducing the amount of dust in the house is a very real task. Here’s what professionals advise you to do to make it almost invisible.

Tips from professional cleaners to reduce dust

Put flowers on the window

There are very effective ways to reduce dust in the house that are simply impossible to use. For example, all professionals recommend keeping windows closed, because the street is the main source of dirt particles floating in the air. But are there those of us who are ready to lock ourselves in an apartment all summer? Barely!

According to the president of the cleaning company, Alicia Sokolowski, there is an alternative method to reduce the “rush” of dust in the room. “Put houseplants on your windowsills. I recommend choosing ones with fuzzy leaves,” she advises.

Lay two rugs

“Mags are excellent dust collectors for controlling dust. Usually everyone places them in front of the entrance, but I recommend putting two of them – one in the usual place, the other just behind the threshold. The trick is to let each foot touch the fabric twice, so you’ll get a lot less dirt on your soles,” says Sokolowski.


Change bed linen once a week

“Sheets, duvet covers and pillows collect dust particles, which then spread throughout the room. Wash your laundry once a week to remove dirt, mites and dead skin. Shake your blankets once a month so they can benefit from airing, says Melissa Popping, author of Chemical-Free Homes and owner of a green cleaning store.

reduce dust in the house

Wash your pet’s bedding regularly

What do you think is dirtier: the bed sheets or your dog’s bed? The answer is obvious, because animals bathe much less often than humans. “If your goal is to clear the air of dust in your home, vacuum and wash your pets’ beds at least once a week. Don’t forget about grooming: modern shampoos allow you to bathe cats and dogs once a month, or even more often,” says Alicia.

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Store seasonal clothing correctly

Fabrics are the enemy of clean air: their lint is one of the components of dust. “Of course, it’s impossible to put every T-shirt in a bag, but seasonal clothing that you don’t use should be stored in covers or vacuum bags. Don’t throw away items around the house either: place those that are too early to be washed on the shelves and put the rest in the dirty laundry basket,” advises Alicia.

Cover the tops of the cabinets with paper

“It’s one thing to wipe down a coffee table; it’s another to clean the tops of the cabinets. We all tend to ignore hard-to-reach places and as a result, a huge amount of dust accumulates there. Cover them with newspaper – no one will see it anyway, and you can change the paper to clean paper in a minute, preventing dust from building up,” says Melissa.

Deep clean your carpet once a year

Of course, most experts believe that it is better to completely abandon a huge wall-to-wall carpet – it’s a real dust elevator. It is better to give preference to smooth surfaces that allow wet cleaning: tiles, laminate, linoleum or parquet. However, not all of us are ready to part with such a gentle and comfortable Mr. Judge. For those who want to preserve their carpet, Alicia recommends calling in a professional once a year to do a deep cleaning.

Use microfiber cloths

In the films, maids clean dust with feather dusters; in life we ​​use anything for this purpose, from an old towel to an outdated T-shirt. However, cleaners believe that the best tool for wiping dust is microfiber: it can collect and retain up to 99% of particles.

How to get rid of dust at home with household appliances

There are professional techniques for reducing the amount of dust particles using household appliances. These are the ones you should use to make your home cleaner.


“The dryer is one of the recognized champions in the fight against dust. During operation, it collects all small particles and lint in a special filter. You will be amazed at how much is left after washing and you will very quickly notice how much cleaner your cabinets and your house in general have become,” says Mélisse.


The humidifier is not created to reduce the amount of dust at all – rather, it is a small added bonus of using it. “If the air is dry, static electricity builds up and the charge, in turn, attracts dust. Take it away, and there will be less too,” says Sharon Garcia, professional housekeeper and blogger.

purify the air from dust in the house

Air purifier

“Using an air purifier or washing machine is the most effective and easiest way to combat dust. You don’t have to do anything at all: just turn on the device. Choose what suits you best: the washer also humidifies the air and the purifier is able to capture the smallest particles and therefore eliminate unpleasant odors,” explains Melissa.

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Vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter

“HEPA filters are capable of trapping up to 99.9% of all dust particles, including the smallest. Pay attention to the filter class: the highest values ​​are for H13, the lowest – 85% – for H10. Be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions to find out how often you should change the filter and whether it can be washed,” says Garcia.

Source: The Voice Mag

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