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Young people are looking for Botox: advice to avoid making mistakes in the search

The increasingly early start of the application of botulinum toxin raises the debate: prevention or exaggeration?


The use of botulinum toxin to prevent aging and demarcation of wrinkles is more common among young patients motivated by the influence of social networks. However, before issuing the recommendation, the doctor must individually evaluate whether the procedure is necessary and the possible risks.

Young people are looking for Botox: tips to avoid making mistakes in the search:

    Young people are looking for Botox: advice to avoid making mistakes in the search

    Young people are looking for Botox: advice to avoid making mistakes in the search


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No one questions the benefits of botulinum toxin anymore since it became clear that muscle paralysis is an important means of preventing aging and the formation of wrinkles, especially on the forehead and around the eyes. However, encouraged by digital media, young people are trying their first Botox as soon as they come of age.

“Younger patients often learn about botulinum toxin on TikTok, where information varies in quality. The concept of early application of botulinum toxin is to treat the facial muscles that are used most frequently to prevent the formation of wrinkles. The elimination of facial muscle movements leads to a reduction in expression wrinkles and prevents a dynamic wrinkle from becoming static. But medical advice is truly fundamental, since the indication of botulinum toxin depends on the diagnosis of the patient’s skin and not on age”, explains the dermatologist Paola Pomerantzeffmember of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology.

“The risks of starting this treatment too early are unclear, but smaller studies have shown that there is the potential for antibodies to be produced, causing this patient to not respond to botulinum toxin in the future. In addition, obviously, to the waste of money, time and a frozen appearance,” adds the doctor.

More and more young people are seeking Botox

According to 2023 data from the market research firm Civic Sciences, 15% of people aged 18 to 24 have tried non-invasive cosmetic treatments such as Botox injections, dermal fillers or enzyme peels. Another 12% in this age group said they wanted to try it.

Botulinum toxin is one of the best-known beauty treatments. “The substance promotes a neuromuscular block, preventing nerve synapses from reaching the muscle and concentrating there,” explains the doctor.

“Once these wrinkles have formed, treatment becomes more difficult. Yes, we can alleviate it, but a fracture of the dermis has already been established,” she adds.

There is also the advantage of improving the appearance of the skin, which becomes brighter. However, according to the doctor, in general the preventive use of botulinum toxin is recommended after the age of 25. “Before it is rarer, but we must evaluate the individual needs of the patient,” he adds.

The influence of social networks

With this wave of prevention information on social media, some may try to start Botox early because they see it as a preventative treatment.

“Therefore, patients think that starting in their 20s the procedure would serve to prevent even more wrinkles, which may not be confirmed if the patient does not really have an indication for it. It is worth remembering that we must consider other factors in the prevention and management of aging, including decreased fat compartments and decreased collagen production,” she explains.

And who is preventive botox recommended for? “TO Request, we must observe the patients, all their facial expressions, whether they are less or more expressive. So, as this muscle strength increases and dynamic wrinkles become very common, botulinum toxin can now be recommended, regardless of age,” explains the doctor.

One group that may be generally indicated for treatment, according to the dermatologist, is people with light eyes, as they naturally tend to contract in the presence of light.

“The patient ends up making the involuntary movement of contraction of the pupils, which also causes the muscle around the eyes to contract and, as a result, wrinkles begin to form. So in some cases, when we have these characteristics, there is an indication”, highlights Paola Pomerantzeff.

Effects need tweaking

The problem with starting early is the interruption of treatment, which does not lead to negative health impacts, but the effects eventually disappear without adjustments.

“Essentially, botulinum toxin works by ‘freezing’ the muscles that make up expressions, preventing wrinkles from forming on the face, but the effects generally last four to six months,” explains the doctor.

“The advantage is that during this period the muscle was relaxed and did not delimit the wrinkles. But if the retouching doesn’t happen, this wrinkle could form,” he adds.

However, he warns: “Because botulinum toxin treatment is well known, it is normal for patients to believe that it will solve all age-related problems. There are cases in which the patient requires increased collagen stimulation, which can be achieved with microfocused ultrasound, radiofrequency with microneedles or laser. Therefore, a dermatologist should be consulted. Like everything in Medicine, it is necessary to examine the patient, make a correct diagnosis and only then decide what the most appropriate treatment is”, concludes Paola.


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