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Meditation Day: Taking care of your mental health has never been as essential as it is now; understand

Despite being an ancient practice, meditation has become an increasingly common refuge for a healthy, balanced and well-being life.

The world turns quickly, people leave from one point to another every second, vehicles cross cities, countries and continents, after all life is full of uncontrollable details, but one of them has arrived and transformed the routine imperceptibly and equally taxing: the volume of data and information you deal with on a daily basis. And with this new dynamic, mental health and well-being are put to the test, but as in the past, even today meditation is a refuge and an opportunity to do so reconnect to peace and yourself.

May 21: World Meditation Day

The date not only brings with it the symbolism of one of humanity’s oldest practices – meditation has remote origins in India, but only spread to the West in the 20th century – but also reinforces the need for self-care for a full life.

  • Stress reduction
  • Anxiety control
  • Concentration
  • Self-knowledge and self-acceptance
  • Better sleep

These are some of the benefits that meditation offers to those who practice it according to various studies and research already carried out all over the world. In recent years, meditation has become one of the most popular activities among Brazilians. emotional and psychological care.

And why have people tried to take better care of themselves in these areas? The percentage of absences and retirements for mental health reasons it grew by almost 40% in 2023, according to INSS data.

More than cure, today, what is needed is prevention, which makes meditation an accessible option: a survey by the Cactus Institute together with AtlasIntel has already shown that almost 12% of Brazilians undergo alternative treatmentssuch as meditation, herbal medicine and yoga.

Modern life, cell phones and meditation

Today, smartphones are almost an extension of the body, and just as they are powerful tools for optimizing tasks and helping to take care of one’s health – there are apps for physical training, online consultations and for sleeping better – they can be well being. Social networks have significantly increased the mass of information and the volume of daily mental stimulation.

  • Brazilians spend more than 5 hours on your cell phone every day; data from the State of Mobile report, by Data.Ai;
  • Brazil has more smartphones compared to the people of the country, underlines FGV.

But it is not only here that the interaction between people and cell phones has affected routine, with the possibility of also impacting mental health:

  • American teenagers receive more than 230 notifications per day on cell phones, according to one study;
  • The number reached more than 5 thousand in some cases, according to research;
  • Some participants also check their cell phones more than 400 times a day;
  • The research was conducted by the NGO Common Sense Media and CS Mott Children’s Hospital, and the numbers varied among those analyzed.

The central issue is no longer just the use of cell phones, but how they have been used and since when digital environment it turned into a place for physical and mental self-care.

Meditation: an old-new way to connect with yourself

Already recognized as a healthy lifestyle, the practice tends to be an accessible alternative, with many meditation options and techniques for all times of the day or individual needs. There are 2 modes which are the subject of in-depth research every month and arouse curiosity:

Guided meditation

This practice option is one of the most recommended for beginners, who usually have difficulty meditating on their own at first, but it is not limited to this audience. It consists of the idea that an instructor or guide leads the practitioner through a series of instructions so that there is maximum concentration and relaxation. Its main advantages are:

  • Accessible: it is easy to find content of this type on the internet, especially through specialized applications on the topic;
  • Concentration and deep relaxation: an instructor may invite meditators to create mental visualizations or even assist with specific breathing techniques. The guidelines also bring the mind back to the present moment and avoid distractions.

Learn to meditate in a simplified way: Download Atma and request the free Beginner’s Guide on the app homepage.

Mindful meditation

Also known as mindfulness meditation, this practice involves return completely to the present momentfully aware of this and without any kind of judgment.

In recent years it has gained popularity precisely because it is easily integrated into everyday life. Mindfulness is not just a form of meditation, it is a lifestyle and therefore it can also be accessed during daily activities, such as having breakfast, checking email or brushing your teeth before going to bed.

Still have questions about meditation?

Including meditation in your routine may seem like an extra activity to do, but several myths about this practice end up keeping people away from practicing it. However, one of its great advantages is the possibility of integrating it into your daily life. Discover 7 facts about her that can change your perception of meditation.

Meditation: 7 facts that can change your perception of the practice;  watch
Meditation: 7 facts that can change your perception of the practice; watch

Celebrate World Atma Meditation Day

Celebrate the date and adopt a new healthy habit today. On Atma you can explore over 1000 exclusive contents such as meditations led by experts Monk Satyanatha and Luiza Bittencourt, as well as background sounds of nature and music to relax.

Download the free application | Follow @atma.vc | Listen on Spotify

Atma believes that meditation is for everyone. A the tasting below is free for your entertainment:

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