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Bruno Mars in Curitiba: fans camp in Couto Pereira to secure tickets

Bruno Mars will perform in Curitiba on October 31st and November 1st. Tickets start at R$410

Ticket sales for the two shows will begin this Tuesday (21st). Bruno Mars In Curitiba, and the queue to guarantee entry lasted until dawn. For a fan, this moment is even more anticipated than waiting for the show, as securing a ticket is extremely important.

Bruno Mars performs in Curitiba these days October 31st It’s in the day November 1st (Thursday and Friday), in Couto Pereira Stadium. Pre-sales will begin this Tuesday and sales to the general public will begin the next day, Wednesday (22nd). See below for information and prices.

It’s no wonder that when big shows come on, the queues that form are huge. In the case of Bruno Mars, fans started arriving on Monday afternoon (20th), and preferred to go in person to guarantee the paper ticket.

This is the case of Amanda, one of the fans who had been queuing since 4.30pm on Monday and not even the cold stopped her desire to see her idol.

“With this cold, at this time of night, you must be very excited for the show. I wore three sweaters, I brought a blanket, we are prepared for the cold, but I can’t wait for the show”

said fan Amanda.

Gustavo was also in the “top 5” of the queue. The boy was one of the first to arrive and celebrated.

“I arrived early to get first place in the queue and get a nice ticket. I’m in the first 5, ok. The ticket office opens at 1pm, we still have a bit of a queue, but it’s okay”

Gustavo commented.

Anyone who watched the young Talita, Aline and Kimberly together thought they were longtime friends, but the friendship was formed right there, in the queue. All because of Bruno Mars.

“He is the prince of POP. The expectation is to leave with the ticket, go to the show, see this man and enjoy the experience. It’s his first time in Curitiba, we know that there are people from Paranaguá, Rio de Janeiro , Joinville , Ponta Grossa We met now, in the queue, we are already sharing blankets, food, no one knew each other”

said the friends.

As fans said, ticket presale starts at 1pm, both online and at the Couto Pereira stadium box office, but the team came ready to wait.

“The sales start at 1pm, we still have a few hours in line, but we arrived prepared with sweets, juices, pizza, tea, there’s a bit of everything. We arrived prepared”

said the friends.

Tickets for Bruno Mars in Curitiba

For the Curitiba shows, pre-sales will be exclusive to Santander customers, as follows: from 1pm on the Ticket Master website and from 1pm at the official box office.

Sales to the general public will begin on Wednesday, at 1pm, also via the Ticket Master website and at the same time at the Official Ticket Office.

In total, 41,747 tickets will be sold for each show in Curitiba. Ticket prices for Bruno Mars in Curitiba start at R$325 (grandstand) and go up to R$1250 (premium track).

Sector Entire Half
Premium Track R$ 1250.00 R$625.00
Upper social chair R$890.00 R$445.00
Lower social chair R$820.00 R$ 410.00
Maua chair R$890.00 R$445.00
Tribune R$650.00 R$325.00

Ticketing and payment

The official (physical) ticket office in Curitiba will be at the Major Antônio Couto Pereira Stadium, in Rua Amâncio Moro S/N – Alto da Glória – Curitiba. Reference: ticket office next to the administration entrance, near the steakhouse.

For online purchases: Santander customers can pay with credit installments of up to 5 interest-free installments and 6 to 10 interest-bearing installments. Other customers: credit cards with up to 3 interest-free installments; 4 to 8x with interest and Pix.

For purchases at the official ticket office: Santander customers can pay up to 5 interest-free installments on Santander credit and debit cards. Other customers: credit cards with up to 3 interest-free installments, debit cards and cash.

Other extra shows

In addition to Curitiba, extra shows have also been announced in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte. With this, in total, Bruno Mars will perform 14 shows in Brazil.

Source: Terra

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