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Gym student hit by car moves his toe for the first time since the accident

Regilânio da Silva felt sensitivity in his fingers again after being hit by a 150kg load

Regilânio da Silva Inácio, 42, from Ceará, has regained sensation and can move his toes, nine months after suffering an accident in a gym in which he was hit in the back by a 150kg machine. He suffered a spinal injury and lost the use of his legs. On social media, Regilânio shows the progress of his recovery.

The case occurred in a gym in Juazeiro do Norte, in Cariri, Ceará. Over the past month, Regilânio has been able to stand with the help of a walker and has regained feeling in his legs. He also took a few steps indoors, as shown in a video on his Instagram account.

In an interview with Earthhe says his evolution has been rapid, and has surprised even the professionals who follow him.

“Thank God my recovery is progressing very well, even above normal. The physiotherapists and doctors who performed my surgery were very amazed by my progress, which happened very quickly. Lately this sign has started to appear, I can move my fingers without using devices, of course. For me it’s a great advantage, it’s a great evolution,” he says.

Regilânio reveals that he relies heavily on faith and has only progressed with the dedication and support of professionals and his family.

Student left paraplegic after being hit by a bomb returns to the gym: ‘Another victory’:

“For this to happen, this evolution, I have a lot of faith in God, who God never abandons. And I believe I am capable of winning this battle, I truly believe in the professionals who accompany me, Professor Antônio, Professor Diogo and Doctor Caio Guedes. I do it on the weekend [fisioterapia] I don’t stay still with my family, I do physiotherapy from Monday to Monday”, he says.

On social media he shares his moments in the gym, which he continued to frequent after the accident. Before being affected by the device, Regilânio had been training bodybuilding for six years. The activity also helps you regain movement.


Student hit by gym equipment gets back on his feet with the help of a walker:

The accident occurred in August 2023. Regilânio underwent surgery to place pins in his spine and remains in rehabilitation. Previously, he worked as an app driver and received the news that he had less than a 1% chance of walking again.

Persevering, he believed from the beginning that, with commitment and dedication, he would walk alone again. Today he can take a few steps with the help of people and devices. He follows a regular physiotherapy routine every day in the clinic and also at home.

Remember the accident

Weight training machine collapses and hits student at gym in Ceará:

In the images recorded by security cameras, Regilânio da Silva appears sitting at the base of a device, when, a few seconds later, the device collapses on his shoulders. The victim is immediately helped by three other men.

The fall of the equipment remains unexplained. Regilânio said he had already used the device to train on other occasions, without any problems. The gym owner claims that the maintenance was up to date and that it is a new device.

Source: Terra

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