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Have you ever dreamed of hugs? Understand the meaning

Understand the main meanings that dreaming of hugs can have in your life, from dreaming of hugging someone to a tree

Dreaming of a hug can symbolize, among other things, the need to feel safe and welcomed by someone. It is an act of intimacy capable of representing comfort, but it can also be false or even uncomfortable.

In this article you will understand the main meanings that dreaming of hugs can have in your life, from dreaming of hugging someone to a tree.

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Is dreaming about hugs good for you?

Dreams are a communication channel for your unconscious with your conscious mind. In other words, dreaming of a hug means that your unconscious is sending a message to your conscious through the symbol.

Therefore, some questions can help in this process understand the symbolism of the dream, facilitate self-reflection and encourage people to make associations with what they experience on a daily basis or with situations they have already experienced.

And, above all, translating the interpretation into reality and being able to act.

Hugging is one of the most expressive forms of affection. It is an intertwining, a contact in which the hearts of those who embrace are positioned in front of each other and come closer.

Hugs can have impersonal characteristics, when they are not intended to demonstrate affection, but rather kindness and social obligation. They can also have a sexual component as, in general, they bring intimacy, closeness and contact. See here what the embrace of each sign is like.

This information in a dream is crucial. Certainly the embrace of two lovers will have different meanings than an embrace given to a tree or to the figure we know as the personification of death, for example.

A well-given hug can offer emotional comfort and one can project security and trust in it. There are those who use hugs for therapeutic purposes, as a way to relieve depressive symptoms, as they convey positive and stimulating emotions.

Hugs are also cultural representations

It is also a gesture that varies depending on the culture. Some people tend to hug more than others, due to the way they manage affection and emotions.

We can also think of the instinctive aspect of hugs as a form of protection and unity in the face of a threatening situation, as is also observed in animals.

In Plato’s “Symposium” we find the myth of the Androgynes, rounded proto-human creatures. Equipped with four arms, four legs and a head with two faces which, after being separated by Zeus as a punitive measure for their audacity, they looked for each other. When they met, they hugged each other until they died.

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Reflect on the dream

Questions you need to ask about dreaming about hugs

  • Are you hugged or do you observe a hug?
  • Who does he receive the hug from?
  • How does it feel to hug/be hugged?
  • Is it a spontaneous hug or full of other emotions?
  • What is the reason for this contact in the dream?
  • Who or what do you hug?

Think about what is happening in your reality

  • How do you manage your emotional needs and wants?
  • Do you express your affection spontaneously?
  • Could you excessively rationalize the contents of your reality without getting in touch with it?
  • Do you embrace your projects wholeheartedly or without compromise?

Meanings of dreaming hug

So, now that you have thought about the dream and its reality, see some possible meanings of dreaming about hugs in different contexts.

Dreaming of hugging someone

Dreaming of hugging someone can reveal something emotional need or need to share affection. The person hugged may have characteristics that the dreamer desires or wishes to share.

But if the the hug is superficial or impersonalit may reveal some difficulties for the dreamer in dealing with the emotional and spontaneous dimension of contact.

Dreaming of hugging a tree

Hugging a tree in a dream can indicate that the dreamer achieves or has need more vital connectionswith deeper roots.

Dreaming of embracing death

Being embraced by death can suggest to the dreamer that certain changes are inevitable. It can also help you you understand here what it means to dream of death.

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Thais Khoury ([email protected])

– She is a clinical psychologist and uses dream interpretation, calatonia and creative expression in her services. She is also vegan and the founder of Veganíssimo, a company that produces 100% plant-based foods.

Source: Terra

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