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Bridgerton: Pitbull comments on spicy scene that uses his music

In the third season of Bridgerton, a spicy scene between Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgerton is soundtracked by ‘Give Me Everything’

One of the main releases of Netflix in 2024, the first half of the third season of Bridgerton features a spicy scene with music by Pitbullwhich celebrated the inclusion of the song, described as timeless.

The song in question is “Give Me Everything,” made in partnership with Ne-Yo It is Afrojack and present on the studio album Planet Pit (2011). At the end of the fourth episode, titled “Old friends,” the song appears in an orchestral version, as the soundtrack to a romantic scene in the back of a carriage between Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan) It is Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton). Listen to the track used below:

In a post made on Instagram, Pitbull celebrated the success of the hit even after so many years. “This once again shows the world how music is the international language that transcends borders and even more so how a successful song can remain timeless,” he wrote on the social network, in the caption of an excerpt from the scene.

Furthermore, the singer scored Ne-Yo It is Afrojackjust as he took the opportunity to thank Netflix and Bridgerton “for the opportunity.” During an interview with the website Tudumfrom the streaming service, the musical director Justin Kamps talked about the inclusion of “Give Me Everything.”

“I think everyone was a little shocked that they were so passionate about Pitbull’s cover of the song for this scene, of all things,” he said. “But the song is amazing and has a great build up, and that’s what the scene really needs. It needed this anticipation and then an explosion into the main chorus of the song as we see what’s happening on screen.”

Source: Rollingstone

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