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Items that should be in the kitchen if you have guests at least sometimes

We love sitting with friends in the kitchen, don’t we? Here’s what you need to make meetings even more comfortable and interesting.

Even if they try to receive guests in another room, sooner or later they end up in the kitchen – they come to drink water or help wash the dishes. So it’s worth making sure in advance that this space is well stocked with what you might need.

Pitcher filled with cool water and ice for drinks

Yes, you can offer bottled water to customers, but generally it is expensive and not environmentally friendly. And you can add lemon and cucumber slices, rosemary and mint to your pitcher – it will be tasty, beautiful and relieve dehydration. Many people prefer very cold drinks, so make sure you keep plenty of ice in the refrigerator, especially during the hot season.

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Bottle openers and corkscrews

Whether your guests have brought a clinking treat or you’ve invited them in for a glass or two of kombucha, make sure you have a convenient, safe and efficient way to open any container.


Aprons and towels

You’ll probably have guests helping you in the kitchen, so keep some pretty aprons and plenty of dish towels on hand so they don’t get their fancy clothes dirty. Is it worth specifying that aprons and towels must be clean.

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Everything for a cheese platter

…or another round of snacks that your group loves and that you can organize quickly if needed. Let there be a menazhnitsa (divided dish) and a garnish – nuts, a jar of olives, salty pretzels, grapes. If we return to the cheese plate, the proven scheme of its basic composition is as follows: cottage cheese with additives (herbs, paprika), cheese in brine, cheese with white mold, blue cheese, mature cheese with paste hard. And don’t forget the skewers and a separate knife for each soft cheese.

If you don't have a board to serve cheese beautifully and your guests just ask you what to bring as a gift, you can guess the answer, right?

New dishwashing sponges

It may seem trivial, but sponges remain one of the main breeding grounds for bacteria. Sure, they can be sanitized, but it’s much nicer to let customers know that everything in the kitchen is clean and well-maintained. And if they want to do the dishes, even more!

Coffee, sugar, milk

It’s good if you have a coffee machine, but if you don’t, you should have ground and instant coffee, sugar and sweeteners, cow’s milk and vegetable milk in your kitchen. Everyone’s dietary restrictions and tastes are different, and covering the entire spectrum isn’t that difficult.

Loading device

At a minimum – Type C and Lighting, but it’s good if there is also miniUSB, or even USB – just in case.

Smart speaker

You can ask it to set a timer, clarify a recipe, read the weather: voice assistants are essential for all of this. And you definitely need it in the kitchen to order the songs one by one!

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Source: The Voice Mag

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