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40 times Marina Ruy Barbosa proved that green is an elegant and perfect color for redheads. Look at the photos and get inspired!

Red and green are on opposite sides of the color wheel, meaning they create a beautiful contrast when combined. See how actress Marina Ruy Barbosa invests in tone and creates incredible looks!

That comes from a long tradition among fashionistas women with orange/red hair They contrast better with green clothes. Over time, this custom has become one of the main reasons why red-haired people continue to be encouraged to invest in colorful, and sometimes blue, clothing to have a striking visual appearance. Reference of style and beauty, Marina Ruy Barbosa he is one of those who is a fan of the tone and, every day, he proves it It looks extremely elegant on the choice!

Green is the basic color for redheads and everyone should have at least three of the 44 different variations in their wardrobe. There are so many different shades and each is perfect for specific times of year, specific outfits or occasions. However, many avoid bright shades for fear that they will contrast with their hair and skin tones, but the truth is that using the purest and most saturated colors is usually the best look for those with red hair.


According to experts, green is the color of the chlorophyll contained in leaves and in some precious stones, such as emerald and jade. In Europe, the hue is more associated with life, nature and vibrancy, which is why it is often used by environmental organizations such as Greenpeace and the Green Party. Gardens and parks are designated green spaces, and a green cross usually indicates a pharmacy.

In the United States, people associate the color green with spring, freshness and hope, as well as youth and inexperience.

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