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Do not touch moles during cosmetic procedures: only doctors should treat them

Do not touch moles during cosmetic procedures: only doctors should treat them

Do not touch moles during cosmetic procedures: only doctors should treat them

Microneedling and other treatments for blemishes and moles can accelerate melanoma


Many people seek aesthetic solutions to skin problems, but these are not always methods recommended by doctors, causing various risks and health problems. Identifying signs of melanoma early can be a matter of life and death, so signs such as moles that change color, size or shape that cause itching or bleeding should be watched carefully and consult a dermatologist to rule out the possibility of the disease.

When it comes to skin problems, especially of the face, there are no people who don’t worry and look for aesthetic solutions to cure them. Today the market offers a multitude of methods that promise to eliminate unwanted blemishes once and for all, and these procedures are often performed by non-doctors, i.e. by professionals incapable of evaluating serious health conditions.

There are several professions qualified to offer these treatments, and this is great, because it gives the client the opportunity to opt for more accessible methods, but this is not always the best option, especially because they do not know how to identify what an aesthetic problem is and what is a disease.

Dermatologist Paula Sian says that a patient who recently arrived in the office, after starting treatment to remove a mole, with the opposite result, instead of disappearing, the spot increased in size.

“As soon as the patient came in, I recognized the signs of a possible melanoma, and after evaluation and tests, we discovered that it was skin cancer, which unfortunately was accelerated due to the surgery,” he laments the doctor.

According to Paula, there is no problem in opting for these services, as long as you first check with a doctor that there are no signs of pathology.

“There are highly qualified treatments for superficial care, I have actually used many of them, but there are many people unprepared to work in the market, putting their lives at risk,” explains the doctor.

Data from the Ministry of Health, collected in 2019, showed 1,978 deaths from skin cancer in the country, 1,159 men and 819 women. In 2022 alone, the National Cancer Institute (INCA) counted 185,600 new cases of skin cancer, 177,000 cases of non-melanoma cancer, the most common and least aggressive.

“Melanoma is a silent and very invasive tumor, which in most cases is ignored by the patient, confusing it with a common mole. When it is recognized, it is often already at an advanced stage, compromising the patient’s life,” warns Paula.

But after all, what is melanoma and how to recognize it?

Melanoma is a type of skin cancer that appears in melanocytes, the cells responsible for the production of melanin, the pigment that gives color to the skin and can appear in any part of the body (skin, mucous membranes, in the form of spots, moles or ) ). Melanoma is considered a more aggressive cancer because it is more likely to spread and form metastases.

The most suspicious signs are:

• Moles that change color, size or shape;

• Moles that itch or bleed;

• Moles that show any type of change over time

Importantly, although melanoma is the least common skin cancer, it has the worst prognosis and highest mortality rate. If detected early, it has high cure rates, above 90%. However, if it is diagnosed at an advanced stage, it is likely to spread to other areas of the body and cause metastasis, which is when the cancer affects other organs.

The treatments available are surgery in early cases and chemotherapy and immunotherapy in more advanced stages.

Finally, the dermatologist suggests that before starting aesthetic treatments offered by non-doctors, consider Request and rule out the possibility that it is something that requires medical intervention. Paula also warns to get advice from a professional.

“Almost every day we come across news of clinics and professionals who have made serious mistakes on patients/clients, compromising their appearance or even their lives forever. Therefore, know the professional thoroughly,” she concludes.


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