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Here are the movies to see in theaters on May 29: Abigail, Salem, Memory with Jessica Chastain…

Here are the movies to see in theaters on May 29: Abigail, Salem, Memory with Jessica Chastain…

Abigail Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Tyler Gillette

With Melissa Barrera, Dan Stevens, Alisha Weir…

What is it about? After kidnapping the daughter of a powerful underworld tycoon, a group of wannabe criminals just thought they had to lock up and track down the young ballerina to demand a $50 million ransom. Encamped in an isolated mansion, the kidnappers begin to mysteriously disappear, one after another, as the night progresses.

did you know Abigail is played by Alicia Weir, who appeared in Matilda, the musical in which she plays the title role. “I’ve never played such a character and I’ve always loved horror movies”– says the young 14-year-old actor and adds: “All viewers will be saddened by this cute little girl being kidnapped, but we soon learn that there is more to her than this simple description, far from it!”

Salem by Jean-Bernard Marlin

With Dalil Abdurahim, Oumar Moinjie, Valen El Gharbaoui…

What is it about? Jibril is a young Comorian from Soterelles, a difficult neighborhood in Marseille. He is in love with Camilla, a gypsy from the rival Grillon district. When she tells him that she is pregnant, Jibril asks her to have an abortion so as not to start a clan war. But killing Jibril’s friend, before his eyes, both cities were set on fire.

did you know All the actors of the film have never acted in a movie before. Jean-Bernard Marlin did ten months of wild casting to find them: “What all these young and non-professional actors have is that they, like my characters, live in the present moment.

The Beauty of Gaza by Yolande Zauberman

What is it about? They were a night vision. I was told that one of them walked from Gaza to Tel Aviv. In my head I called her the beauty of Gaza.

Sol-Hui Lee Greenhouse

With Seo-Hyun Kim, Jae-Sun Young, So-Yo Ahn…

What is it about? A caretaker at home, Moon-young kindly cares for an old blind man and his wife. But when a terrible accident separates them, everything falls on Moon-young. He finds himself having to make an unfounded decision.

did you know Sol-Hui Lee’s mother cared for her grandmother, who had dementia, and the film was inspired by that relationship: “Although he loved volunteering, he found it very difficult when it came to his own mother, it was with this observation of a very intimate relationship that he came to me.says the director, who is making his first feature film for this occasion.

“A different life than mine” Malgorzata Szumowska, Michal Englert

With Malgorzata Hadjewska, Joanna Kulig, Jacek Braciak…

What is it about? This is the story of Andrei, a good husband and young father in a small town in Poland. Increasingly uncomfortable in his body, he struggles to find his true identity in a country that has transitioned from communism to capitalism in three decades. A story about someone who is forbidden to be himself.

In memory of Michel Franco

With Jessica Chastain, Peter Sarsgaard, Merritt Weaver…

What is it about? Sylvia leads a simple life, structured around her daughter, work and AA meetings. However, her reunion with Saul turns their lives upside down, reawakening painful memories that each of them had previously buried.

Lazy People by Karim Dridi

Fado with Julian, .jU., Odette Simoneau…

What is it about? Nina and Julie, inseparable friends, are kicked out of their seats. Then they hit the road again in their old truck with a thirst for freedom and one obsession: partying. Impromptu meetings, seasonal jobs, concerts, fun diversions, a few mishaps, but above all, many adventures now highlight the nomadic life of these two friends.

Mix by Sofiene Mamdi

With Luke Strate-McLure, Julien Romano, Catalina Cueva…

What is it about? Tonight is Alex’s last chance to change his fate. In this tense 92-minute thriller, he executes a complicated plan, but shady characters and an unexpected thriller put him in danger.

did you know Assemblage is a French production, shot in Paris in May 2023 in one sequence. It is the longest single film in the history of French cinema (92 minutes).

39-45 They Have Forgotten Nothing by Robin Ageset, Germain Ageset

With Benoit Aleman, Frédéric Hebrard

What is it about? 39-45, They Forgot Nothing follows the journey of four French women during World War II. So that their memory never fades, these shadow heroes, now aged 90 and over, tell us how they survived from 1939 until their liberation.

Anhell69 by Theo Montoya

With Alejandro Hincapie, Camilo Machado, Alejandro Mendigana…

What is it about? ANHELL69 explores the fears, doubts and dreams of a shattered generation and the struggle to continue making movies.

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