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Rua Melo Alves, in Jardins, becomes a gastronomic point in Sao Paulo

Italian, French, Thai and Iberian cuisine can be found in this increasingly popular Jardins street

Everyone knows the gastronomic diversity of São Paulo. You can find menus of different origins without having to go too far. Sometimes, just walking a few subway stops is enough to go from the neighborhood with Japanese menus to delicious Italian wineries.

But few places compare to the gastronomic diversity of Via Melo Alves, there in the Gardens. On the last block of this trendy zip code, almost on United States Street, four restaurants have lines out the door. And there are options for various tastes: French cuisine, Iberian cuisine, Thai menu and, finally, Italian cuisine preparations.

Check out the guide below with the liveliest restaurants in Melo Alves.


Le Jazz is a charming bistro with typical French cuisine. With a welcoming and romantic atmosphere, evoking the atmosphere of classic Parisian bistros, the menu offers traditional dishes such as steak tartare (R$ 83, for a large portion), prepared with finely chopped beef, seasoned with herbs and seasonings and served with crispy chips. Another specialty is duck confit (R$89), a slow and delicate duck confit, accompanied by golden potatoes and green salad.

Where: R. Doctor Melo Alves, 734, Cerqueira César. 3062-9797. 12h/00h (Friday and Saturday, 12h/01h).

Santiago winery

Adega Santiago brings authentic Iberian cuisine. It is worth whetting your appetite with some tapas and seafood snacks, such as the octopus alla feria (R$ 129), which is octopus, potatoes and paprika, or wood-fired toasts, such as the traditional bread with tomato (R$ 36, for one portion). Then, choose the octopus à lagareiro (R$174), a succulent roasted octopus with perforated potatoes, onions and lots of olive oil; and the traditional paella (R$153), rich in seafood, chicken and seasoned with saffron. Another highlight is the bacalhau à brás (costs R$118 for a full portion), a perfect combination of grated cod, potatoes with straw and eggs.

Where: R. Doctor Melo Alves, 728, Cerqueira César. 3061-3323. 12/15 and 18/23 (Fri and Sat 12/24; Sun 12/22).

Ping Yang

Ping Yang is an unmissable destination for lovers of Thai cuisine. The restaurant seeks to faithfully represent the intense flavors of Thailand, with a menu that includes specialties such as pad galan pli nampla (R$35), wok cabbage with nampla and dried shrimp; and pla neung (R$86), steamed fish with Nahm Jim Taleh sauce. Another delicacy that conquers the most demanding palates is the delicious kraduk neua yang (R$ 120), strip of grilled ribs with Nahm Jim Jaew, aromatic herbs and egg yolk.

Where: R. Doctor Melo Alves, 767, Cerqueira César. 3086-3785. 7pm/11pm (closed on Sunday).

Bernacca shop

With a menu approved by restaurateur Davide Bernacca, Bottega Bernacca is an authentic retreat for lovers of Italian cuisine. Specializing in traditional Italian dishes, the restaurant combines the refinement and simplicity typical of Italian cuisine. Among the delicacies on the menu, the Seared Tuna stands out (R$ 89), a seared tuna fillet with an Italian vinaigrette sauce; and the Insalata Della Nonna (R$52), a roast beef salad with arugula, diced tomatoes and balsamic oil. For diners who love pasta, a safe bet is the Carbonara (R$72) and the surprising Amatriciana Bianca (R$79), made with a sauce based on candied onions, bacon and pecorino.

Where: R. Doctor Melo Alves, 769, Cerqueira César. 3083-0123. 12/15 and 19/23.30 (Saturday 12/23.30; Sun 12/22).

Source: Terra

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