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Through social media, young people discover they are twin sisters

Through social media, young people discover they are twin sisters

Through social media, young people discover they are twin sisters

It sounds like something out of a movie, but it’s real life: discover the story of two Americans who, through social media, began a journey that transformed their lives

Have you ever imagined having a twin brother (or sister) out there and only finding out about it years later on social media? That’s exactly what happened to two young women from Georgiawe WE.

Elene Deisadze AND Anna Panchulidzeinitially unknown to each other, noticed a surprising physical resemblance through the social network TikTok. Thus begins a virtual meeting that is decisive for a journey that will change their lives forever.

Twin sisters meet online

The two 19-year-old girls initially realized that they looked a lot alike. Thus, each of their appearances caught their attention, but it was in their life stories that they realized there could be an even greater revelation and decided to investigate further. By talking to their respective families, the two learned that they were adopted. When the DNA test was done, the results were revealing: Elene and Anna were not just sisters, but identical twins.

After the revelation

The possibility of performing a DNA test was born with the help of Tamuna Museridzeleader of a group of Facebook which seeks to reunite stolen children with their biological families. “Many parents have been deceived by receiving false information that their babies had died after birth.”Tamuna explained. This practice was common and many adoptive parents were unaware of the illegality behind the adoption process.

“I had a happy childhood, but now my whole past seems like an illusion”Anna said emotionally in an interview with AFP.

Elene’s adoption came about after her adoptive parents found out they couldn’t have children. So an acquaintance said there was a six-month-old baby available for paid adoption. Elene went to her new home in 2005.

The sisters’ strength and courage in seeking the truth about their origins and reclaiming their history are inspiring. In short, they highlight the importance of transparency and legality in adoption processes.

Source: Terra

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