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Anitta is criticized for promoting controversial tattoo therapy

Anitta is criticized for promoting controversial tattoo therapy

Singer showed drawings and advertised the benefits of family constellations, prompting Internet users to explain the problem.

Anitta surprised her followers by promoting family constellations, an alternative therapy considered pseudoscientific and criticized by the Federal Council of Psychology. The singer showed off a new tattoo inspired by family constellations and promoted the therapeutic technique, saying it has positively influenced her life.

Meaning of the tattoo

In a video posted on Instagram, Anitta explained the meaning of the tattoo: “This symbol represents the family constellation, a therapy that has helped me a lot in life, to be happier, to live more fully and to understand things in life that, sometimes, sometimes, sometimes are difficult to understand.” She stressed that the practice may not be to everyone’s taste: “It depends on each individual, right, people? There are things that are good for one and not good for the other.”

She detailed the design of the tattoo. In the middle there is me, the little doll with the heart that means that I always have the strength of love inside me. On one side there is my father, on the other my mother, and the little stars represent the other members of the family. The tattoo also symbolizes the brothers that you could have had, but that you did not have due to the circumstances of fate. When you integrate these souls in your heart, you live a more complete and fulfilling life, which is what I have experienced lately: a lot of happiness, a lot of tranquility. You have faith in the universe, in destiny… This tattoo means this to me”, she concluded.

It’s not the first time Anitta has spoken about the subject. She had already mentioned family constellations in an interview with Marie Claire, when she commented on her process of self-knowledge through reading the human design. “It’s a practice that deciphers your personal profile. I am a manifesto of the highest power. The professional told me that my biggest challenge is to understand that I have chosen a path that no one has taken. I will not get people’s support for something that they don’t even know is happening. It’s possible. It’s a lonely path, but I have to keep faith in myself,” she explained.

What is a family constellation?

Created in the 1980s by German Bert Hellinger, family constellation is an alternative technique for conflict resolution. The practice involves recreating family scenes with dynamics in which people represent those involved in a conflict, including ancestors from different generations. Among the controversial points, Hellinger suggests that children forgive sexual abuse by parents and that wives do not report violence from their husbands, since there is a need for harmony in families.

Although it is not recognized by the federal councils of psychology and medicine, the technique is applied in the Brazilian judiciary, mainly in family law, to reach agreements and reduce the number of cases.

Why is it considered controversial?

Experts criticize the method, especially for its negative impact on women, and question the lack of scientific evidence to demonstrate its effectiveness. In addition, the Federal Council of Psychology argues, in a technical note released in March, that the method does not meet ethical parameters and basic criteria of a therapeutic service, such as diagnosis, supervision and confidentiality.

The organization also specifies that the practice is in conflict with the Professional Code of Ethics of the Psychologist as it “can lead to the sudden emergence of states of suffering or psychic disorganization, and that the method does not contain sufficient technical knowledge to manage such states”.

Furthermore, the CFP indicates that the theoretical foundations of the family constellation “also include a reading of the place of childhood and youth strongly marked by a tendency towards naturalization, the absence of rights and subjection towards parents, ignoring the norms of the Conciliar System of Psychology”. and the Statute of Childhood and Adolescence (ECA) itself”.

Because of Anitta’s announcement, videos explaining the problems of family constellation have also gone viral on social media. See below.

Source: Terra

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