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“I Knew It When I Got Fired”: The Tragic Reason This Grey’s Anatomy Actor Was Fired

“I Knew It When I Got Fired”: The Tragic Reason This Grey’s Anatomy Actor Was Fired

Eric Dane played the hulking Dr. Mark Sloan in the series.

After eight years and six long seasons, Eric Daneactor behind the charismatic Dr. Mark Sloan, has left the fictional hospital Grey’s Anatomy Back. The move happened more than a decade ago in the series, but the star only recently spoke about it.

During his appearance on Armchair Podcast, Dane opened up about his career, providing details that fans don’t always get access to. According to him, his departure from Grey’s Anatomy was the result of a firing, putting it this way:

“I was starting to become, like most of these actors who spend a significant amount of time on a show, very expensive for the network. And the network knows that the show is going to continue regardless of who they put on it. As long as they have their Greys. [Ellen Pompeo]they’re fine. I wasn’t the same guy they hired, so I knew when I got fired.”

The actor’s final line mentions the drug and alcohol addiction he’s had to deal with over the past decades, especially while filming the series. In the interview, Dane also revealed that, although he was sober before starting Grey’s Anatomy, he started drinking and doing drugs again around 2007 — and things only got worse from there.

“I love Shonda Rhimes [showrunner]and she protected me, but I got fired. It wasn’t a ceremony like, ‘You’re fired.’ It was just like, ‘You’re not coming back.’


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