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5 Tips to Overcome Sugar Addiction

5 Tips to Overcome Sugar Addiction

5 Tips to Overcome Sugar Addiction

The desire to consume sugary foods may be associated with sleep quality and a sedentary lifestyle

Opioids and dopamine, hormones responsible for the sensation of pleasure, well-being and euphoria, are some of the substances released when we consume sugar. These hormones are responsible for activating a reward system in our brain, which encourages us to eat more and more sweets. Therefore, after a tiring day, it is normal to want to eat a sweet.

This situation, however, can generate a vicious circle that, when it reaches large proportions, can turn into a sugar addiction. Therefore, MinhaVida is listed 5 Tips to Overcome Sugar Addiction and help you avoid future health problems.

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5 Tips to Overcome Sugar Addiction

According to Fernanda Esquitino, a nutritionist specializing in functional nutrition and phytotherapy at Instituto Nutrindo Idealis, some of the ways to overcome sugar addiction are:

1. Increase your intake of other types of food

According to the expert, one of the ways to overcome the desire to eat sweets is to increase the intake of other foods to increase the level of satiety in the body. You protein-rich foods – AS egg, Lentil AND chickpea – are a good option for those looking for healthy satiety.

2. Respect your satiety

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5 Tips to Overcome Sugar Addiction

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