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Beware of conflicts: forecast for the week from 07/07 to 13/07

Beware of conflicts: forecast for the week from 07/07 to 13/07

Beware of conflicts: forecast for the week from 07/07 to 13/07

The week starts off lively, but unexpected and more critical situations tend to arise, shaking up love and family life.

Get ready, it won’t be a light week! The forecast for the week from 07 to 13/07 indicates a tendency towards more tense situations and/or conflicts in personal and collective life, strengthening the Astrological Predictions for the Second Half of 2024.

Before continuing to understand the details and prediction tips for the week of 7/7 to 13/7, please see the astrological summary:

  • Until Thursday (11): Mercury sextile Jupiter
  • Every week: Sun trine Saturn
  • Every week: Mars conjunct Uranus
  • From Wednesday (10): Venus Opposite Pluto
  • From Thursday (11): Sun sextile Mars
  • Thursday (11): Venus in Leo

To know how each of these transits can act specifically in your life, it is important to keep an eye on them. Personalized Horoscope. Because only there will you be able to understand how the movements in the sky interact with your birth chart. This way you will receive more assertive advice.

Forecast for the week from 07 to 13/07

Luckily for us, this week we will have three strong points: Mercury in sextile with Jupiter and Sun in trine with Saturn and in sextile with Mars. They guarantee animation, organization, greater centering and assertiveness.

Good thing, since the opposition between Venus and Pluto tends to bring more questions to relationships and people close to us and favors material and emotional losses or losses.

Finally, the conjunction of Mars and Uranus brings unpredictability on one hand, but also liberation and change on the other.

Do you want to understand all this context? Then come and understand the forecast for the week from 07 to 13/07, reading until the end, because at the end of the article there is very important information.

Until Thursday: Mercury sextile Jupiter

Until Thursday (11), Mercury in Leo is in sextile with Jupiter in Gemini. This is a harmonious aspect, which brings animation, helps to have a broader vision of things and adds a touch of humor. In other words, the prediction is that the week will start in a very exciting way!

Symbolically we have a nearby planet (Mercury) and a distant one (Jupiter). So, we can interpret Jupiter as a landscape.

When we feel bad for some reason, the landscape does us good. Taking a walk and deconcentrating from the mental plane (Mercury) can help you deal with complicated situations. This is one of the ways to activate this Mercury-Jupiter aspect.

It is also worth focusing on happy and joyful things. In other words, focusing on difficult news or heavy conversations can damage your mood, which already tends to worsen during the week.

From Wednesday: Venus Opposition Pluto

From Wednesday (10), Venus, still in Cancerbegins to oppose Pluto. The next day (11), Venus enters Leo and continues to form this tense aspect Pluto in Aquarius.

This transit may indicate an increase in situations of crime and conflict in large cities. This is because Venus is good and Pluto is a threat to good.

So we have a complicated context, with the possibility of further robberies, crimes, harassment and persecution, in short, more authoritarian attitudes in collective and personal life. Take better care of yourself.

There might be too losses in agriculture due to climate issues. Or the same material and emotional losses, like a much-loved famous person.

In love there is a tendency to bring out things that were no longer good, which can lead to that termination of relations. It all depends on the context, and it could just be a crisis that needs solving. To help, this article talks about how to make difficult decisions in a relationship.

Also, on Venus with Pluto, at unexpected high expenselike a fine, and are days of greater concern with the family. Remember the positive aspects of the week if any kind of situation comes.

Thursday: Venus in Leo

From Thursday (11), Venus enters Leowhere it lasts until the beginning of August. Except for this week, which is a little more tense, this is an exuberant Venus, who likes to have fun and wants to feel prestigious and appreciated in love.

One of the reasons why relationships end, with Venus in Leo opposing Pluto this week, is the lack of warmth that Leo appreciates so much. It is a sign that does not like a cold and mechanical relationship, after all it is so fire element.

From Thursday: Sun sextile Mars

From Thursday (11), the Sun begins a sextile with Mars. It is an aspect that gives energy and vitality. It is time to act and be assertive. Combined with the positive transits of the week.

All week: Sun trine Saturn

On Thursday (11), the Sun forms an exact sextile to Mars, but its energies permeate the entire week. This is a positive aspect, suggesting energy, assertiveness, attitude and vitality.

It’s time to take action and be assertive. Combined with previous transits, we have three great strengths this week!

All week: Mars conjunct Uranus

Throughout the week, as well as next week, we will have the conjunction of Mars with Uranus in Taurus. In this respect, anything can happen, as what is planned tends to change at the last minute.

Unfortunately, this combination can lead to increase in accidents. Therefore, it is important to be more careful.

Here we can also have Climate changes and phenomenagenerating the losses we talked about previously.

In personal life, the Mars-Uranus conjunction requires the energy of improvisation, very Uranian, as things may not happen as we expect.

However, it is a aspect that favors change. The combination of Mars and Uranus brings creativity, helping to do things differently and to detach from what is no longer useful. Since the conjunction occurs in Taurus, there could be good and new ideas for financial and material life.

Uranus also has a face of liberation. Therefore, anyone who is in a relationship that is not going well can liberate themselves.

It will not be an easy process, due to Venus’ opposition with Pluto. There may be resistance from the other side or some kind of dispute. However, sometimes the cry of independence must be raised anyway if it feels like the time.

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Vanessa Tuleski ([email protected])

– Vanessa Tuleski offers astrological-therapeutic consultations and was a pioneer of Brazilian astrology by talking about the general Sky, instead of the traditional horoscope sign by sign. She is the creator of the course “Food and its astral map” on Personare. She participates in the weekly astrological forecast programs on the Personare YouTube channel.

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