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Books for Cancer Signs You Should Never Give Up

Books for Cancer Signs You Should Never Give Up

Books for Cancer Signs You Should Never Give Up

These books will make anyone with the sign of Cancer not look up from the pages until they’re done reading, according to astrologer João Bidu

Reading is always a very productive habit, it stimulates our reasoning, relaxes our mind, calms our thoughts and it also has the power to teach us the most diverse subjects and take us to places and stories different from our reality. People of the Cancer sign are creative and reading books is a pastime that they love very much. They love the most varied literary genres, but they always have one foot in romance, since they are sensitive and affectionate people. Check out the book suggestions for this sign.

Check out books to love for the Cancer sign

Hear a Thought – Phrases and Reflections for the 52 Weeks of the Year

This book is perfect for Cancers, with poems by Brazilian writer Clarice Lispector, it offers the reader a series of reflections on everyday life and feelings. To make you reflect on your inner world, an excellent choice for the sign of Cancer, which values ​​feelings a lot.

This is how it ends

A novel written by author Collen Hoover, it tells the story of Lilly who is in a relationship with Ryle, but everything changes when she meets her old love Atlas, making her question her choices. The book also deals with the theme of domestic violence and abusive relationships.

Even the sun is a star

By Jamaican author Nicola Yoon, it tells how fate can sometimes play bad tricks, two young people meet by chance and spend a day together. However, they are complete opposites, he is a poet and praises love, she is a scientist and does not believe in this feeling. Will love come or will they never meet again? An excellent choice for anyone with the sign of Cancer, a light and captivating book that will keep you glued from beginning to end.

Looking for a husband

From the national author Carina Rissi, it shows the life of the heiress Alicia after losing her grandfather and having to start taking charge of her own life. However, due to some of her grandfather’s concerns, he leaves her in the care of others, which makes her come up with a series of plans to circumvent the will and achieve the long-awaited independence, while maturing and realizing feelings previously denied. A light novel that will entertain you with the plot, perfect for Cancers.

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