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“From 76 to 170 beats per minute”: Nicolas Cage terrified Maika Monroe on the set of this horror film

“From 76 to 170 beats per minute”: Nicolas Cage terrified Maika Monroe on the set of this horror film

“From 76 to 170 beats per minute”: Nicolas Cage terrified Maika Monroe on the set of this horror film

Nicolas Cage more terrifying than ever in Longlegs

The long-awaited theatrical release this week Long legs. Directed by Osgood Perkins, the film follows an FBI agent who investigates a series of murders. The perpetrator is said to be a man who nicknamed himself Longlegs and who has ties to a satanic cult. On paper, the thriller recalls the classic The Silence of the Lambs (1991), whose influence on the genre is undeniable. However, this new feature film, brought forward by Maika Monroe and Nicholas Cagefocuses mainly on the feeling of terror. Osgood Perkins manages to create an extremely distressing atmosphere. According to the United States, Long legs it is certainly one of the scariest movies in recent years (see our opinion).

If the effect is there it is thanks to the direction of Osgood Perkins, but also to him the performance of its actors. On one side Maika Monroe, who seems truly paralyzed in front of the killer. And on the other Nicolas Cage, unrecognizable in Longlegs, real black man which should cause nightmares to some. In addition, the actor had a provocative effect on the set a wave of panic among his colleague. The latter, in fact, discovered Nicolas Cage in Longlegs only during the filming of the scene that reunited them.

Maika Monroe - Long Legs ©Metropolitan
Maika Monroe – Long Legs ©Metropolitan

Before that, the actress didn’t know what to expect. But seeing him, Nicolas Cage made such an impression heartbeat Maika Monroe’s heart rate skyrocketed. From her usual 76 beats per minute to 170. To see what it means, the production shared the video of this moment. The sound of the actress’s heartbeat was captured by the microphone she was wearing.

A visceral and unforgettable scene for Maika Monroe

It must be admitted that this is a great way to advertise Longlegs. This kind of anecdote makes the film even more interesting. intriguing and disturbing. Maika Monroe and Osgood Perkins also talked about this moment during the promotion of the film. In particular during an interview with The Movie Podcast where the actress confirmed that she hadn’t even seen a photo of Nicolas Cage in costume and makeup.

It all happened in real time. Oz said “action,” I walked in and saw Longlegs for the first time. It was wild. I don’t think I’ve ever had an experience like that on set.

For his part, the director insisted on capturing this pure emotion by not reuniting Maika Monroe and Nicolas Cage before shooting this sequence. A choice that obviously pays off. If we do not consider it a masterpiece, American critics have greatly appreciated it. Long legswhich has, to date, 93% positive reviews on Rotten tomatoes.

Long legs is available in theaters from July 10th.

Source: Cine Serie

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