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This is probably the only Marvel series we really want to see, and its trailer should convince you!

This is probably the only Marvel series we really want to see, and its trailer should convince you!

It’s the first series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe on Disney+, officially kicking off Phase IV of the MCU, and it’s definitely one of Marvel Studios’ best TV productions.

Directed by Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany, WandaVision was one of the series of 2021. In this 9-episode fiction that combines traditional sitcom elements with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Wanda Maximov, aka Scarlet Witch, and the Vision are superheroes. Living in an idealized suburb, they begin to suspect that things may not be as they seem…

And they soon find that they have been tricked and tricked by a powerful witch named Agatha Harkness, played by Kathryn Hahn. After an epic battle, the Scarlet Witch manages to incapacitate Agatha and enter a parallel reality.

“WandaVision” Sequel Revealed!

And it is this witch that we will find in the spin-off Agatha All Along, the first trailer of which Disney+ recently published. There we find the terrifying Agatha Harkness, trapped and tormented by the memory of the Scarlet Witch and, above all, without the slightest power.

Everything changes when a gothic teenager helps him free himself from this difficult fate and begs him to walk beside him on the path of the legendary wizards, a mythical path consisting of a series of magical tests that reward any victorious wizard who can offer him what he lacks.

Assembled for better or worse, Agatha and a mysterious boy soon unite the wizarding community before embarking on this highly epic journey…

The first trailer for the Agatha All Along series promises an adventure as fun as it is scary, with colorful characters, terrifying enemies and an atmosphere that combines American Horror Story and Halloween with a touch of lightness and fun.

In addition to Kathryn Hahn, the WandaVision spin-off includes Joe Locke (Heartstopper), Sashir Zamata (Home Economics), Ali Ahn (The Diplomat), Maria Dizia (Orange Is the New Black), Paul Adelstein (Private Practice). ), Miles Gutierrez-Riley (The Moon and Back), Debra Jo Rupp (WandaVision), Aubrey Plaza (The White Lotus), Okwui Okpokwasili and Patti LuPone.

We don’t yet know if Elizabeth Olsen will appear in Agatha All Along as the Scarlet Witch, but we have no doubt that we’ll get at least a little bit of news about her character after what happened to her in Doctor Strange In the Multiverse. of madness.

Those who loved WandaVision, rated 4 out of 5 by AlloCiné viewers, will be pleased to know that Agatha All Along shares the same showrunner, namely Jacques Schaefer. Fans will be able to discover this new Marvel series starting September 19 on Disney+ with the first two episodes, with the rest airing one episode per week.

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