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Paris: Olympics opening will be on the Seine

Paris: Olympics opening will be on the Seine

Contrary to the historical tradition of the Games, the opening ceremony will take place on the iconic river of the French capital and is expected to bring together half a million people.

Since the first modern edition in 1896, the Olympic Games They have changed significantly in size, pomp and attention from the world. But, with more or less number of athletes and special effects, one thing has remained the same in all editions: the opening ceremony, with the parade of delegations and the lighting of the Olympic cauldron, has taken place in a stadium. In Paris 2024It won’t be like that: the unprecedented ceremony will take place integrated into the city, right in the middle of the Seine.

Scheduled for July 26, the opening ceremony of the Olympics has sparked curiosity as organizers have announced a model that is completely different from anything seen in the previous 128 years. Without limiting the presentations to a single location, the opening will not only showcase one of the most visited cities in the world, but will also be the largest in history: without having to gather in the stands of a stadium, spectators will be spread out along the river.

How the opening process will work

The delegations’ parade will travel along the Seine for six kilometres, from east to west, and each delegation will have the right to its own boat to celebrate the start of the Games. The route culminates in Trocaderothe area located on the opposite bank of the river from Eiffel Tower. The final protocols of the ceremony will also take place there, including the flag-raising, the oaths and the long-awaited arrival of the torch.

It is expected that around 10,500 athletes from nearly 200 delegations will be present at the inauguration, and at least half a million spectators will line the kilometres on both banks of the Seine. Along much of the route, it will even be possible to watch the ceremony without paying anything: tickets will be sold only to access the lower stands, closest to the water and the athletes, in the section between the Austerlitz and Iéna bridges.

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How to follow the ceremony and the Olympics

Don’t get lost in the time zone: as in summer, the France will be five hours ahead of Brasilia at the start of the Games. Most of the sporting events, therefore, will take place here between the early morning and late afternoon. The opening ceremony will begin at 2:30 p.m. in Brasilia and is expected to last about four hours, including shows, a parade of delegations and formal acts.

You Paris Olympic Games officially begin on July 26, although some sports have their initial events during the week before the opening: football and men’s rugby are the first, starting two days earlier. The competition will then continue for two weeks, until August 11, handing out medals in 329 events in 32 sports.

In Brazil you can watch the Paris Games 2024 in different ways. On open TV, Globo will dominate the broadcasts, also offering alternatives on the closed network through SporTV. Through streaming, the broadcaster will make 40 signals available on Globoplay, and it will also be possible to follow it on Cazé TV, available for free on YouTube and Twitch, and at no additional cost for Amazon Prime subscribers.

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