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It’s beautiful! Ivete Sangalo’s son shows off photos from his trip to Disney with friends

It’s beautiful! Ivete Sangalo’s son shows off photos from his trip to Disney with friends

At 14, Marcelo Sangalo, son of singer Ivete Sangalo and nutritionist Daniel Cady, took a special trip with his friends

Heir of Ivete Sangalo AND Daniel Cady, Marcelo Sangalo we enjoyed a special trip with friends to Disney. At just 14 years old, the eldest decided to expose his personal life and showed unpublished photos of the international tour.

“Gratitude is the word I feel right now. I have no words to describe these 17 days with my friends from Happy. Every infernal heat we went through, every hunger, everything was worth it. These days of travel were incredible. I still feel a sense of tightness in my chest at the end of the trip, but also the feeling of mission accomplished, not for having done something special, but for having enjoyed every second and moment with all of you”he wrote.

And he added: “I would like to express my love and gratitude to everyone involved in the journey: Aunt Kika, Guga, Luli, Mima and everyone else. This journey was also a great learning experience about the value of every opportunity, moment and detail in life. Thank you for everything!”

However, what caught the public’s attention was the beauty that the teenager inherited from her parents. “Ivetinho is different, he has the sauce”, joked one follower. “Marcelo is ahead of the crowd lol, right? Look at the size of this guy,” he fired another one. “What a special guy, and given his size, he looks like a tour guide”said another.

The owl mom also drooled over her son and left a special message in the post. “What a great son! Gratitude and fond memories”commented You are welcome.

Check out the photos from the trip!

Source: Terra

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