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Teens Discover They’re Sisters Through TikTok

Teens Discover They’re Sisters Through TikTok

Teens Discover They’re Sisters Through TikTok

In a soap opera-like outcome, the Georgian girls discovered their relationship after several coincidences

The student Elene Deisadze22, spends part of his day on TikTok like many kids his age. In 2022, he saw the profile of Anna Panchulidze and decided to add it because he thought the two were very similar.

It didn’t take long for them to start talking and become friends. Beyond appearances, other coincidences began to appear: first, they discovered that they would turn 18 on the same day. Then they discovered that they were adopted. Suspicious, Elene and Anna took a DNA test. It was then that they discovered that they were twin sisters.

“We became friends without suspecting that we could be sisters. But we immediately felt that there was a special bond between us,” Elene said. AFP.

The two young women are from Georgia and were kidnapped from the maternity ward. In a system of human trafficking common in the European country, mothers were told that their children were dead. Instead, the children were sold to other families who were unaware of the scheme. That was how they separated and would meet again only 18 years later.

Anna’s mother, Patmani Parkosadze, confessed that she paid the price of a country apartment to adopt a child, after years of waiting in line to adopt. “We had no idea about the corrupt system… I would never have imagined such a thing,” the mother said.

Between the 1950s and 2000, more than 120,000 children were trafficked in Georgia. Elene and Anna were two of them, victims of a scheme that involved hospitals and international adoption agencies.

Today Anna and Elene are looking for their biological parents. “Maybe they don’t even know we exist, they might have been fooled into thinking we were dead. It would be so nice to find them and tell them the truth,” Elene said.

Georgian journalist Tamuna Museridze, who investigated the case, created a Facebook page to help connect the kidnapped children with their biological parents. The group currently has more than 250,000 members and unites more than 700 families.

Source: Terra

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