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5 ways to finish curly hair

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Are you looking for a finish for your curls? Write down hair expert Marcos Proença step by step on how to finish the curls

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Curly hair needs some essential care, especially in winter, to stay healthy and beautiful, you know? In addition to using the right products and washing and moisturizing with the right frequency, the finish of the curls is also important in the final result.

That’s why we listened to the hair expert Marco Proençawho taught 5 ways to finish curly hair. Follow and learn:


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“In this process, we can use creams to comb or leave inside to facilitate the untangling of the wires. Then, we divide the hair into parts and apply the product from the bottom up with our hands, as if we were massaging each part, little by little. In the end, we can “knead” the strands, that is, push them up towards the root to create volume “, teaches the hairdresser.

textured ribbon

Similar name, right? But this version of the finalization has one more “thing”! According to Marcos the technique is the same, however things change a bit when you split the strands. The idea is to take small amounts to dedicate even more to the result. Also, after the hair dries, he uses a curl activator on the tips to further set the waves.

drop method

To finish curly hair with this technique, spread your usual cream and untangle the strands. Once done, grab a microfiber or cotton towel and let the magic happen! “Spread it out on a flat surface and pour your hair over it. Then, roll the two ends of the fabric and tie it back, forming a cap. Hold it for 20 minutes and remove,” guides the hairstylist, who lists this finalization for those who love to speed up the step without neglecting the definition of the curls.


Cream and finger are enough to finish, you see? As always, start by applying the product. So, it’s just a matter of perfecting the styling of the curls with your own hands. For this Marcos advises to wrap the threads and shape them, between the fingers.

Finishing in the bathroom

You can also finish your curly hair in the shower, you know? “There are many products to use in the bath that end up facilitating the finishing process. For this, make sure you also do a hair program that is suitable for your hair type,” says the specialist.

Source: Marcos Proença, expert on Eudora.

Source: Terra

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