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10 tips for decorating the room with beige (without being boring)

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Be inspired by environments that apply neutral tones in an elegant and smart way

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Beige it is one of those colors considered “dull” or “too safe”. But listen to the experts or take a quick look at the latest interior designs and realize that color is more popular than ever and can be anything but boring.

With a range of shades wider than ever, from classic warm beige, to pale yellowish brown and neutral sand color, inspirations from beige living rooms present perfect ways to wear that elegant tone.

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Fresh, calm and subtle, the color creates a calm and relaxing atmosphere and is ideal for spaces where you want to relax and feel comfortable.

Beige living room ideas


“Beige is perfect for use throughout the living room, creating a welcoming space,” says Justyna Korczynska, Crown Senior Designer. “Or, when used with more muted colors, it can become a true accent tone and bring warmth to the room.”

“Beige can work very well even in darker spaces, where it works best with even deeper, darker tones from a neutral color family,” adds Justyna.

“It also blends beautifully with all natural materials such as wood, stone, clay and natural fabrics such as linen or jute.”

Check out the tips on how to decorate your living room with beige:


Brings plots that can be played.

Add extra warmth and shine with accessories.

Add a highlight track.

Use beige as a background.

Bet on chic curves in neutral tones.

Go for a two-tone effect.

Work on darker details.

Create a fun atmosphere with sunny sparkles.

Try a smoother model.

Wrap the room in color.

* Through ideal houses

Source: Terra

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