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Six habits to adopt on World Stress Day

Stress can trigger many other health problems, such as binge eating; Check out the tips for improving your habits

Meditation is one of the habits that can help you relieve stress.

September 23 is considered World Stress Day. The date is for raise awareness and warn about the dangers of this body reaction, as stress acts as a trigger to trigger other health problems.

Anxiety, for example, is one of them. According to data from the World Health Organization, Brazil is already the country with the most anxious people in the world. It is estimated that at least 10% of the country’s population living with this disorder.

Symptoms of stress anxiety can vary from person to person. However, one of the most troubling is binge eating. For endocrinologist Elaine Dias JK, “the main triggers of this disorder are times of a lot of stress that lead the person to eat a lot of food and, usually, a lot of calories in a short time,” she comments.

The big question is that if left untreated, binge eating can contribute to the increase in obesity cases. Data from the Ministry of Health already shows that over 60% of the population is overweight and about 20% of adults are already obese. Allied to this, 27% of people with grade 3 obesity reported feeling embarrassed every day.

Binge eating can arise as a response to stress

The expert explains it excess weight is linked to several factors besides stress, such as: anxiety, depression, genetics, hormonal changes and family environment. “Unfortunately, obese patients suffer a lot of prejudice from society and undergo daily constraints, which is one of the triggers of stress-related binge eating,” warns Elaine.

Stress and binges contribute to this scenario

One of the reactions caused by stress and which can lead to binges is look for more palatable foods. That is, the most sugary and fatty ones. “The large amount is seen as a form of reward for the stressful day, through the limbic system of the central nervous system,” explains the endocrinologist.

In these cases, the ideal is always seek professional helpafter all, this “snowball” can get even bigger when health problems such as diabetes, hypertension, osteoarthritis, high cholesterol, and fatty liver can arise.

Attitudes that can avoid stress and binges:

However, simple adjustments can help you avoid stress and compulsion. For this, Dr. Elaine Dias JK has compiled a list of simple habits that can transform your routine. Take a look below:

  • Regularly perform physical activities;
  • Sleep 7 to 9 hours a night;
  • Avoid going to bed late at night;
  • Perform sleep hygiene;
  • eat healthy foods,
  • Incorporate meditation into your daily routine.

As for the ideal foods, the endocrinologist emphasizes the importance of peeling more and opening less. “Ingest non-industrialized, fresh and natural foods as much as possible, avoiding the options that are manufactured and, mainly, the ultra-processed and high-trans fat foods. These foods lead to inflammation in our body, worsening the stress hormone,” she concludes.

Source: Elaine Dias JK, endocrinologist, metabologist and PhD in endocrinology from the University of São Paulo (USP).

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