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How to deal with family conflicts during the election period

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Understanding how polarizations arise from the systemic view of family constellations and suggestions on how to avoid conflicts

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The polarization, which often culminates in heated discussions, insults, cancellations and even violent attacks, does not only have its stage on social media. But also at home, entrenching parents and children, husbands and wives. How to deal with family conflicts during the election period?

Understand below how polarizations arise from the systemic view of family constellations. Also, check out tips on how to avoid family conflicts.

The origin of conflicts during the election period

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When a point of view (an ideology, a candidate or a party) is fervently adopted, what happens most of the time is an activation of the defense and attack system. That is, there is a secret desire to exterminate the opposing side so that “his” point of view not only survives, but prevails.

When we look at it from a systemic point of view, we see that behind this blind love there is an unconscious identification with an invisible victim or aggressor who was excluded from the family system itself in previous generations.

In this case, making a Family Constellation will help the person get rid of these burdens. The technique reveals in a single session the hidden dynamics (almost always unconscious) behind problems, difficulties and conflicts. Understand better here what it is and what it is for Family Constellation.

How to deal with family conflicts during the election period

To deal with these conflicts in the family on a daily basis, the healthiest position to have is to legitimize and include the existence of different points of view.

It is also important to understand that, after all, people are taken, unconsciously moved by collective convictions and consciences, which have a power of influence superior to individual consciences.

So you can watch someone else think and act differently than you. You don’t have to look directly at the person, just close your eyes and see them on the mind screen or put a chair or cushion on the floor to represent this person).

After a few moments, repeat the following phrases slowly, until you feel that something has changed in your body, in your sensations and emotions:

“I see your unconscious loyalty.”

“I rAndI respect what moves you, just as I respect what moves me “.

“We leave what is theirs to our ancestors, with respect.”

“I’m just like you, in our humanity.”

“Me, you, both.”

If you want to harmonize relationships, unblock trauma and free yourself from repetitive and dysfunctional family patterns, understand everything about the Family Constellation consultation here.

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Alice Duarte ([email protected])

– Alice Duarte is a facilitator of the Systemic Family and Organizational Constellation, with international training with the Germans Bert and Sophie Hellinger, and the Spanish Joan Garriga and Brigitte Champetier de Ribes. Since 2015 she has facilitated the processes of self-knowledge, emotional healing and conflict resolution in relationships. She is a journalist, runs an authorial website with articles in Portuguese and is the creator of the online program Por Uma Vida Sem Amarras. She lives in Curitiba, where she works with therapy groups, workshops, courses and individual counseling (in person and online) in Family Constellation and Systemic Business Consulting. Here at Personare you write about self-awareness and human relations.

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