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Find out how Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio deal with their ex

If you tend to look back on past relationships and wonder if you should give your ex another chance, you could be a Cancer, Pisces or Scorpio zodiac sign - Shutterstock

You said you deleted his number, but you didn’t dare to do it, did you? Or maybe you met him somewhere and now you can’t stop thinking about him. The temptation to go back to an old relationship, no matter how bad it was the first time, can be quite intense, regardless of your zodiac sign. However, some are more astrologically inclined to get back together with exes than others. But are the water signs among them? After all, how do Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio behave with their ex?

Like Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio face their ex

Some signs go through relationships intermittently due to the nostalgia they bring, and this is the case with the signs of Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio. As they are the water signs of the zodiac, they are always deeply in touch with their feelings and feel a very intense connection with the past, sometimes to the point of reliving old memories in their mind to relive how they felt in that moment.

This is where the problem begins: nostalgic signs crave familiarity. They find comfort, security and happiness in what they already know. But let’s be clear about the sentimental propensity of water signs: it’s not always a bad thing, and it doesn’t always make them go back to their ex. Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio are just as likely to get back together with their exes as they are to return to their hometown after years away from it – they’re not meant to do any of those things, but they don’t rule out that possibility either.


Cancer is one of the most emotional signs of the zodiac. It takes him a long time to forget his ex about him, but when he does he is very elegant. Instead of expressing anger and hatred, Cancers can turn to more sensitive ways to cope with a breakup. They talk about it with their friends or write to feel lighter and calmer.


Pisces have a unique way of dealing with breakups. While this is the most sensitive of all signs, they tend to handle the breakup more realistically. As much as this may have affected them, they tend to focus on other things, engaging in healthy activities and / or organizing parties and social events, for example, to keep themselves distracted and busy.


Scorpios love to have relationships and when they commit to someone, they want the relationship to last a lifetime. However, when things don’t go as they hoped, they remain sulky and sink into a pit of despair and sadness as they find it very difficult to leave things behind. However, Scorpios’ innate need for control is triggered by breakups, which can sometimes lead Scorpios not to accept the end of the relationship and become obsessed with their ex.

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