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Mari Gonzalez performs laser tattoo removal. How does the technique work?

Since it is painful, the procedure requires the use of local anesthesia.

Monday 31 October, Mari Gonzalezwho participated in TV Globo’s Big Brother Brasil 20, showed in Instagram Stories that he is removing one of his tattoos.

“Don’t get a tattoo unless you’re absolutely sure,” he warned in a video where you can see the laser act on his skin to erase the design. To relieve the pain of the procedure, local anesthesia was used.





If you’ve gotten a tattoo and regretted it, you can use techniques that can remove it, such as lasers.

According to dermatologist Marcella Delcourt, laser is a highly recommended procedure, as other methods, such as dermabrasion or skin removal surgery, can leave noticeable scars.

“The laser is able to explode the pigment of the tattoo, preserving the skin that has not been tattooed. As in laser hair removal, the light from the equipment is attracted to the ink under the skin, reaching directly the desired point”, explains the doctor.

The time it takes to erase the design depends on the size of the tattoo and the amount of colors it has, i.e. smaller black designs are easier to remove from the skin.

“But, in general, the treatment is long: five to 12 sessions are recommended, with an interval of one month between them, to achieve a satisfactory result. This means six months to a year to get an idea. final effect, “he explains.

It is important to emphasize that the treatment is painful and, therefore, it is necessary to use local anesthesia with creams and injections.

In addition, the result of the technique varies according to the colors of the design and the region of the body where it was tattooed.

“The sum does not always reach 100%. In many cases the skin ends up a little stained,” says Marcella.

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