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7 tips to save cooking gas when preparing your recipes

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Cooking gas is the fuel needed to prepare various delicacies. However, due to its high cost, this expense can affect the family budget🇧🇷 So pay attention to some details that can help you save on kitchen gas, and that will make a difference in the economy.

Important tips for saving cooking gas:

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1) Avoid drafts in the kitchen. They reduce the flame in the mouth of the stove, reducing the heat🇧🇷 As a result, food takes longer to cook and Spend more gas.

Two) prefer to cook with covered pots🇧🇷 They make better use of heat and reduce cooking times.

3) Mouth sizes are not different by chance! Therefore, never place small pans on the large burners of your stove, as this will only consume a lot of gas. This also works for large pots on small burners.

4) Use the high fire at the start of cooking and reduce after boiling. Also, avoid opening the oven door several times during use and during preheating, do not exceed the necessary time🇧🇷 Tip: 10 minutes is ideal, unless the recipe really calls for longer.

4) To prepare food more hard, like beans and meats, use pressure cookers. Also, try cooking food in small chunks. Food is ready faster, saving gas.

Find out how to save cooking gas with these tips – Photo: Shutterstock

5) For the baking of harder grainssuch as beans, chickpeas and lentils, it is advisable to soak them before putting them in the pan to speed up cooking and reduce the time required.

6) Gas flames should have a bluish color. The presence of yellowish hues, which dirty the bottom of the pan, is a sign that the burners are dirty or not adjusted, which increases gas consumption.

7) to have fun steam from the pan where he makes some recipes, such as rice, a Cooked vegetables🇧🇷 Put a metal colander that fits well on top of the pan, put the chopped vegetables in it and cover. The veggies will steam the rice and save you gas and time.

Now it’s easier to save cooking gas and have less expenses at the end of the month, right? If you liked the tips, follow us to learn new tricks!

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