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Carla Diaz, 32 years old: remember 7 style lessons from the birthday girl

Actress and former BBB Carla Diaz celebrates her 32nd birthday. The blonde, who she was recently proposed to and just returned from a trip to Italy, has perfect fashion sense, especially for breaking the misconceptions that short women might not look good in certain pieces.

Charles Diaz

In contrast, she, who measures 1.53m, always teaches fashion lessons with productions posted on Instagram, including repeating pieces, which is considered a shame by many people. But, of course, it is always more than necessary. And the coolest thing is that she uses the pieces in different and creative ways. That’s why we’ve separated 7 of their looks, including the famous scarves she wore at BBB 21, which have become a trend. Remember and be inspired.

same coat

Charles Diaz

Versatility with the same piece. In early November, at a family lunch to celebrate her engagement to Felipe Becari, Charles Diaz shown yet another combination with his blue coat. She proved that the thigh-length piece can create very different looks. First, she acted as a dress. Subsequently, he appeared open along with white pieces. In the third option she was closed with the remaining white. Perfect.

cone bra

Charles Diaz

It’s not just the décolleté that highlights the breasts. The fashion now is to cover them with a cone bra! The proposal à la Madonna has conquered many celebrities, such as Charles Diaz🇧🇷 In October, the actress put the piece in a very simple little black dress and attracted praise on social networks. The actress contrasted the formal air of the elongated blazer with the sensuality of the tailored top and shorts. Completed with pumps and a Prada bag. Her hair was pulled back in a bun, which set off her shiny fringe. Her makeup highlighted her lips.

yellow and green

Charles Diaz

Since we’re in the mood for the World Cup, how about remembering this look worn in February. The actress and former BBB chose a yellow ensemble, consisting of a crop top and a Gingham plaid ensemble with shirt and shorts. The pieces are by Baw Clothing. The whole falls within the proposal of tonalism, which takes into account the position of the shadows in the chromatic circle, with analogous combinations (close colours), complementary (opposite positions) and triad (three equidistant options). To complete, a small green bag and orange sandals.

Black dress and country boots

Charles Diaz

In August, Charles Diaz she posted this photo in a long black dress with slits and country boots. “What do Lulli and Carla have in common? A love of horses and cowgirl boots,” she wrote on Instagram. You referred to the character in the film “Rodeio Rock”, which also stars Lucas Lucco. The actress has marked her waist with a belt of the same color and with two metal buckles. Her slit helped set off the black boot with white designs.

embroidered pants

Charles Diaz

In June, Carla bet on a success from the 70s and also from the 90s, which has come back into fashion. Do you know which one? Embroidered jeans! She chose a pant model in a light wash, full of butterflies with a white outline. Finally, the sensuality of the low-cut orange top and maxi yellow heart-shaped earrings.


Charles Diaz

The straw hat is a very important ally when travelling, both in the countryside and by the sea. In the city, it is also a real protection against ultraviolet rays, which can even cause skin cancer. Carla Diaz is well aware that in January of this year she took at least 2 straw hats on a trip with her boyfriend, in models that never go out of fashion. During a trip to a winery in southern Brazil, Carla opted for light dresses, some nude, some white or printed, to experience the place in a bucolic and romantic way. And to complete the looks, she used two models of hats from the brand: Malu Pires. They are medium aba Paris and raw medium aba Panama.


Carla Diaz at BBB21

During BBB 21, the actress proved that wardrobe can and should be versatile. After wearing the accessory on her head, she used it as a blouse. A knotting technique transformed the black, white and pink accessory into an elegant crop top. See how to tie.

  • Fold the square scarf, forming a triangle.
  • Take the two ends of the base of the triangle and tie a knot.
  • Thread the chain through the knot and secure it around your neck.
  • Place the scarf in front of your body and bring the ends to the back where they should be tied.

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