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8 myths and truths about diets and attitudes to lose weight

Discover the habits that help and those that hinder the weight loss process

Food is a factor that directly affects the process of losing weight. However, the way food is consumed also affects weight. Thus, Irani Gomes dos Santos, coordinator of nutrition at the Faculdade Santa Marcelina, clarifies some myths and truths on the subject. Watch!

Eating habits influence weight loss

1. Does weight loss medicine work?

Truth🇧🇷 Using medicinal for slimming purposes it should be used only on the advice and prescription of a doctor. These are usually drugs that reduce appetite and control anxiety. They help with weight loss, in which the education of eating habits is essential, because, when the use of drugs ceases, it will be adequate food consumption that will maintain the weight loss or maintain the desired weight.

2. Does drinking lots of water help you lose weight?

Myth🇧🇷 Consumption of 2 liters of water or 30 ml / kg / weight is indicated for everyone (with restriction for some heart or kidney patients). Water is essential for the proper functioning of the body, especially for intestinal functioning. However, its consumption will help with hydration of the body, not weight loss.

3. Is ice cream forbidden in the slimming diet?

Myth🇧🇷 Ice creams are not contraindicated during diets of slimming. However, those based on fruit and without milk are always indicated. Pasta ice creams are prepared with a lot of sugar and fat, significantly increasing the caloric intake.

4. Is soy-based ice cream healthier?

Truth🇧🇷 Soy ice creams are considered healthier, as they have lower fat content and don’t contain milk in the formulation.

Bland foods should be eaten in moderation to avoid excess calories

5. Can light ice cream be taken freely?

Myth🇧🇷 Light foods have a caloric reduction, but they’re not without it fat or sugar, i.e. consumed in excess will provide higher caloric intakes than those desired by the consumer.

6. Is it possible to go on a diet consuming only proteins?

Myth🇧🇷 Our body needs various nutrients to function properly. It needs carbohydrates present in pasta, bread, potatoes, cassava, milk and derivatives, beans, among others, to provide energy, being best consumed in its integral form.

Furthermore, it needs lipids to maintain the hormonal functioning and carry the vitamins in our body. And finally, the proteins responsible for cell reconstruction and hormonal control. Not to mention the vitamins and minerals. All this to say that when we consume an isolated nutrient, in this case protein, our body will suffer damage and could cause nutritional deficiencies.

7. Does oat bran help in weight loss?

Truth🇧🇷 Oats are considered a dietary fiber, essential in the weight loss process, as it favors satiety.

8. Does drinking water during meals make you fat?

Truth🇧🇷 This practice, which is a habit for many people, is inappropriate, as liquids with meals make it difficult to digest food, as well as promote greater distension of the stomach. This, although an elastic organ, will be torn apart, providing more space for food consumption, leading to weight gain.

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