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7 questions about skin care

The specialist clarifies the main questions asked in dermatology studies

In dermatological studies there are always doubts about skin types, treatments and basic care. Therefore, Gisele Zambrotta, a dermatofunctional and skin deformity specialist, has listed the most asked questions in the offices and answered them all to help you.

Skincare should be part of your routine

1. My skin is very dry. What is the best moisturizer?

to seek moisturizing combinations, one that prevents water loss and another that “pulls” moisture out of the skin. Be careful when using moisturizer on your face, as the oiliness of the product can clog pores.

2. How can I control the oiliness of my skin?

Use astringent lotions and soaps twice a day (in the morning when you wake up and in the evening before you go to sleep). Opt for “oil free” sunscreens, with effect Opaque (minimizes oiliness of the skin and gives a natural look).

3. What is it peeling🇧🇷

It is a technique used to improve the appearance of the skin, made with scrubs or applications with chemical solution (peeling chemical), promoting the peeling of its outer layers, leaving it with a renewed effect. This treatment rejuvenates the skin, eliminating wrinkles and skin spots.

Sunscreen should be used every day

4. Should I use sunscreen on cloudy days?

Of course! Even in cloudy weather, there is radiation. Even visible light has radiation, predisposing the skin to the action of ultraviolet rays, UVA (responsible for skin aging) and even UVB (responsible for skin cancer). The use of the sunscreen is indicated daily.

5. Are dark circles also considered blemishes?

They can have two origins: melanic origin (increase in melanin) or vascular (increase in the number of blood vessels in the region, which gives that purple coloration). In most cases, the dark circles they have both components, requiring combined treatments with depigmenters and vascular lasers.

6. Can I squeeze blackheads and pimples?

Not recommended! Do not squeeze or squeeze acne lesions, as this can lead to permanent scarring and the appearance of new blemishes.

7. What is the best method to take care of black skin?

THE black skin have various white skin diseases, such as atopic dermatitis, which can leave spots. This skin type is more prone to pigmentation, which can be to a greater or lesser extent. If it is to a lesser extent, it is enough to use sunscreen every day. Seeking a professional to verify the ideal treatment is also an option.

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